PowerBook 540c & AppleCD150 Writing/Driver Errors?

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Hi everyone

before you ask, I've *tried* google.

A friend of mine is running a PowerBook 540c with System 7.6.1 (German OS). She has an AppleCD 150 CD Writer which she wants to be able to use for making backups.

Anyway, whenever she plugs the CD drive into the SCSI port it is asking her for drivers for the CD-Drive. The same thing happens when she tries to run Toast, or CD Player.

So I was wodnering if anyone knew where to get drivers, and possibly a new copy of Toast that would be compatiable with that MacOS and CD-Drive?

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http://www.maximumdebian.org/docs/mirrors/macdrivermuseum/disk.html for:


# Apple's Universal CD ROM Driver 5.3.1 (60 k)
# This Apple CD-ROM driver was released with Mac OS 7.6 and it supports just about all CD-ROM drives.
# Apple's Universal CD ROM Driver 5.3.2 (460 k)
# Get this in addition to 5.3.1 above for the audio, iso 9660, High Sierra etc access files.

and perhaps:


# Pioneer CLD 3.05 (508 k) - Driver for their CD, CD-R, CD changer drives.
# Also contains CLD 1.2 which supports the Apple CD 150 and CD SC Plus with 6.07


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AppleCD 150 CD Writer?

I've never heard of this product. Are you sure it's really got a CD-R mechanism in the case?

Find out what mechanism is in the box, either by opening the case or using a SCSI utility (eg: SCSIprobe) to get the make and model number.

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ISTR some older models of CD

ISTR some older models of CD drives having "CRD" in their model numbers. Don't confuse that as being a writer. Some might have had "CDR" somewhere, reffering Compact Disc Reader. If it really is a writer it will usually have two speeds listed, write speed and read speed. It would likely be a CDW for Compact Disc Writer. I've got an old LaCie w/ a Sony 2x6x SCSI drive in it, but I'd have to pull the case open to get the model number.


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