New batch of ASCII keyboards located.

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Ok, here's the deal, I have just received 20 more of these Franklin Ace 1200 keyboards. I just ordered the 16pin DIP connecting cables and will have them shortly. These are new old stock keyboards never used with antistatic tape behind encoder IC.

If you have already purchased a replica and want an ASCII keyboard the price is $20 plus shipping.

As a special promotion, if you purchase an assembled replica I will include 1 in your order for free until I run out! Sorry, if you don't have a replica I can't sell you one yet as many replica 1 customers have been asking for these. If I still have some left at the end of July I will offer them out to everybody.



replica 1 The Apple 1 replica and the new Micro-KIM!

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do you have any of these keyb

do you have any of these keyboards left???