Apple II Dimensions

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I am not lucky enough to own my own Apple II, so I thought, "Hey, why don't I make a small scale model of one?"

This I thought about for some time and then went to look on the net to see if I could find any sites with the sizes of an Apple II.

If any one could help with this I would grateley appriciate their help. Any Apple II would be fine but I would rather have the sizes for an Apple II (first one) or an Apple IIe.



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Scale Model

Quite an ambitious project! Those angles on the
front of an Apple II case should drive you crazy!
This could be an interesting hack if you made it
big/small enough to put a working mini-AT/XT
board in it and got a small (//c) monitor to go
with it all.

Keep us posted! Send pics of progress!


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