a dumb long-overdue correction to the apple service manuals....

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ughh you have to pull the disk drive out forward a bit first then on the sides the shield is tabbed to hold onto two screws on sides [toward bottom] of the disk drive itself....

do that and you'll be able to get your shield off .. I dunno why the apple manual missed this!

thought I'll share this info online in case anyone didn't know Smile

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Which mac are you talking about? Every Power Mac? That's helpful, but I don't think that it's true.

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sorry was typing that at night.....almost a bit fessed up

heh.... :">

its the 6100s (or to be specific, 6115CD)

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I know...those CD drives are

I know...those CD drives are a pain to remove. Add a sticky sled and its near impossible.


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Sticky drive mounts:

Give a quick squirt of silicone based furniture or automobile aerosol polish to the exposed edges of the drive tray. You may need to repeat the treatment after wiggling the drive tray out half way.

Caution: avoid spraying any silicone products within 2 or 3 metres of anything (walls, furniture, computer) that you intend painting within the next six months.