Easy way to transfer files and programs to new computer

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I own an Imac 15' flat screen 700mhz and am planning to trade it in for a mac mini. My mac has a cd burner but is there any easier way to burn the files,programs, and preferences to cd's for transfer to the new computer?Any Utilities? Thanks for your help.

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Carbon Copy Cloner

Carbon Copy Cloner - http://www.bombich.com/software/ccc.html

We use this on a regular basis here at work when we play "Computer Trickle Down"*. And even to recover some database files for our web server recently... Rev. D gives it a thumbs up!

*Computer Trickle Down - a game played in high-tech companies when the Upper Management recieve new computers. Their old machine becomes the new machine for someone else, resulting in a trickle down of technology, resulting in the webmaster for said company always working on a machine that is 4 years old... no matter how damn hard he tries to get a new one...


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firewire target disk mode

buy a firewire 400 cable (male plugs on both ends). when hitting the power on button of the mac mini, keep the T button pressed until a firewire symbol appears on the screen. then connect the mac mini to the imac using the firewire cable, and your mini's hard drive will appear on the imac desktop as a firewire drive. then you can copy the desired files to the mini... et voilá!

be aware that sometimes copying system prefs from one mac to another can damage your os x system. just mentioned it in case you don't know already!

cheers, chris


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