Windows 2000 Worm Strikes

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I was just watching CNN and was getting coverage of a Windows 2000 virus that is attacking computers right now. Microsoft says that there are about a billion computers running the Windows OS and that about 20% of those are vulnerable. My quick math says that the total number of vulnerable Windows boxes is about 200 million!!! 200 million!!! That's incredible!

There are now 200 million more reasons to switch to Mac OS X! Actually just Mac OS!!!

Gotta love a secure system! Wink

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y just 2k?

what is so different about 2k that differs from NT or XP? I run 2k everyday, i am very careful with it, i have had NO virus's on it, i don't do email on it, and only visit certain website, like AF and News sites. But what would keep the virus from XP?


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I have no idea! Unless CNN

I have no idea! Unless CNN is pulling a fast one on its viewers, I really have no idea. To be perfectly honest, Windows and girls are the two things in this world that I know absolutely nothing about. I do know that some girls use Windows, however.

Not that I really care; if I were looking to get hitched up with a girl, I wouldn't count on Microsoft Windows to be the the one thing we'd have in common. Wink

Actually, aside from Blackburn Radio Inc., the Police Services Act, The Canadian Association of Broadcasters, and the Canadian Broadcast Standards Council, I really don't know much about anything. I haven't the foggiest clue when it comes to politics. Don't know anything about war or winning wars. I'm pretty much an empty head on matters dealing with just about everything.

I do know what I like though. I know what I don't like, too. I don't like a lot of things. I don't like attention and I don't like being told what to do.

Oh, anyway, to answer your question, Coius, I don't know why the WORM would not affect Windows XP.

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Quotes from CNN article...

"While the worm affects primarily Windows 2000, it also can affect some early versions of Microsoft XP..."


"'Typically, the worm enters a system via a laptop connected to unsecured networks,' Ullrich said. 'This laptop will infect your systems from the inside.'"


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Win2K & some WinXP - see url for details

Not that it'd likely be a problem for a firewall-protected win2k box (like my gaming rig), but FYI here's the details.

Ain't it great that M$ leaves all these services open by default? Tongue

dan k


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