Cinema Display DVI cable repair - Which Colours to which Pins?

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The DVI connector on my alum 20" HD cinema display (M9177LL/A) is damaged.

Incredibly unlike previous cinema displays Apple don't supply either the replacement data cable or wire->pin out diagrams to even their own engineers/service providers. Therefore the only solution is to replace the entire unit at a similar cost to a new one.

It seems ridiculous That I should need to buy a whole new display simply because the data cable is damaged.

I've looked at the cable itself and mangaged identify the 4 TMDS Pairs, but have got stuck at knowing which of the 5 remaining central wires (clock,+5v for monitor standby etc.) is which.

With no way of knowing which colour wire corresponds to which DVI Pin I am stuck - and I don't really want to experiment with different combinations as one of the wires probably has 5v running though it.

Only 5 wires stand between me and a working display.

Can anybody help?