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I tried to google this one, but cannot find anything other than ways to speed things up...

I have some old (talking pre-windows apps) that I want to use. They are only available in the format I have. I am trying to run in VPC 2.1.3 on a G3 enabled 8600. The apps have some dependency on the clock speed of the machine. The applications (mostly games) are running way to fast to be used/played. I need to slow down the emulated PC speed to something around 30MHz (ballpark) or less. Everything I find gives me detail on how to speed things up.

I have heard that there is a DOS command that will slow things down - cannot find it in my googles. I have also looked into running this (VPC) on a slower Mac, but this is not going to buy me much.

Any ideas on what I could do?



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don't know if this would help...

...but... what about reducing the ram allocated to VPC and allocated to the Virtual Machine?

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way to fast

there is a program called slowdown that you could get for the pc and it is on one of the freeware game sites that has old dos games, but darned if I can remember which one


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skip VPC?

Have you tried DosBox or MacBOCHs? Neither is (or was at the time I played with them) easy to set up, but DosBox is designed more for running old games.


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I heard of a program called S

I heard of a program called SloMo or something that did that.