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I have a buddy with a Powerbook 280C that has two problems:

1)It does not power up when using the docking station (it gets ejected).
It also will not power up with a mini-dock (nothing happens).
It does power up using a "floppy-dock" -- the floppy drive is correctly

Is this a problem with the laptop's docking connector since the first
two cases involve receiving power from a dock and the third case
receives power from the power input on the laptop?
2) I continually am unable to use a modem with this machine. (Global Village 56K).
It indicates that the port is busy although I have disabled all other

Since I cannot use a dock (see #1), I cannot do a clean install of
system 8 (which I have on CD).
Do you have any advice for fixing these two problems?


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The Modem

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