Wallstreet powerconnector/socket

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How to repair powersocket inside wallstreet (loose)?
I had frequent problems with the powerconnector on the back of the Wallstreet (G3). First the cable became damaged just after the powerplug but I was able to repair it twice (looks like a weak point).
But then the powersocket inside the Wallstreet started to move freely. By applying pressure in a certain direction, I could solve it for a few months but now it is gone.
How to open the Wallstreet to get access to the socket to resolder it?
Tried to open the bottom shell but no avail. Instructions on internet are about removing hard disk, screen etc. Do I need to do all that to get access?


Koen Van de Poel

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Yes, you are going to have to

Yes, you are going to have to remove all of that. The power and audio board is under almost all the other components in the back.

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just click start slideshow and do what it says.


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wallstreet powersocket

wallstreet powersocket aka soundcard-see powerbook fixit for detailed instructions-get card on ebay -good luck-ron