oh, cr@p...

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Meet the Apple iWipe!

At first I was shocked because I thought it was an SE/30, but if you look closely, you can see that the top floppy slot is covered by a floppy slot blank, and AFAIK only SE FDHDs and SE Superdrives ever used one of those particular blanks (if I'm wrong, let me know... I'm still looking for floppy slot blanks!).

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It's an SE

Read the comments on this photo; the owner says it's an SE.

Dang that's funny! And much more doable than a MacQuarium!


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Maybe ....

Maybe we will see more Iwipe Hacks

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toilet seat?

...didn't drbob illuminate for us that the clamshell iBook was internally known as the 'toilet seat'?

I can't wait to see someone go down that road... Smile


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yep, and boy did the ID depar

yep, and boy did the ID department hate that name.


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