Mighty MOuse Problem

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I got a Mighty Mouse with my iMac (iSight) and sometimes it has a really weird problem: it will occasionally make a really annoying ticking or clicking noise, at about 5Hz (or about 5 times a second) when I put my finger on either side of the top of the mouse. I know that it has a built in sensor so that it knows when you are right or left clicking, but is that sensor supposed to make noise? Even when you don't press down? It only does this sometimes, but when it does, its really annoying, because its comming from the mouse, cause when I mute the mac, it still clicks. Should I call up apple?

Also, sometimes the expose button squeze acts up, like it will pop up expose even if I dont squeze the buttons, but I just disabled that.



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There is a small speaker inside the mouse that makes it click (make it more audible?) you might want to call apple, it may be malfunctioning


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