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my mom wants to buy a macintosh, but the website she uses for her work only workss with IE 6 , so firefox and safari dont cut it, is there anyway aroud this to get ie 6 pages to work with firefox and/or safari



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Does it work with IE 5? FWIW

Does it work with IE 5? FWIW, the people who designed the site had to use specific hooks that only run on IE anyway, so they either did it out of ignorance or on purpose. We've got a similar problem with the local bus service. Their route system only works on modern IE on a PC. That would be great, well, if you had a modern PC running modern Windows, with an up-to-date IE. But, if you ride the bus around here, there is a very high chance you have absolutely none of that. Maybe a PC running Winders, about 98 or so. The local LUG is considering offering to re-write their site to fix it to work with most decent browsers.

Anyway, maybe you should write a nicely worded letter of complaint to the site operators and ask if they really, really, HAVE to have it be so feature gobbed up that it is only IE. There's nothing like showing up a site developers incompatability for the people who actually use it. You might even ask how many hits they get to the first page that go no further because they can't use the site. Wink


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