Development Tools

Font Utility XFCNs, Version 1.0.1

A set of external functions for Apple HyperCard 2.x

They help you managing with fonts, especially converting between the fonts names and id-numbers.

For more information use:
Internet: http://...

GetAddressingMode XFCN 2.5

GetAddressingMode takes no parameters. It returns three items, in a
comma-delimited list. Item 1 is true if the machine started up with
32-bit addressing. Item 2 is true if the machine has 32-bit compatible
system zone. Item 3 is true if the machine ...

Loafer 1.2

Loafer is a Macintosh software developer macro tool.
It provides quick access to macros utilize contextual
menu. The tool comes with C/C++, PowerPlant, Java and
HTML sets of macros.
More details could be found in documentation:

[FTP] LSQL20_FreeTDS.hqx

LSQL is a SQL query tool for Sybase and Microsoft SQL Server. It was started
as a replacement of isql from Sybase in version 1. But now with version 2,
LSQL has a version with FreeTDS support called "LSQL for FreeTDS", which
means no need of Sy...

FolderContents 1.5

An XFCN which returns the contents of a folder in a return delimited
list. New version adds a "recursive" option. It's really fast too. Enjoy.

Path: /www/exparrot/

MicroAnimationDemo (Pascal source)

This is a very simple sprite animation demo, written as a first intro to
GWorlds and offscreen drawing. Think or Metrowerks Pascal.

/Ingemar Ragnemalm

Path: /www/exparrot/

MGSW Library

Date: Mon, 24 Apr 1995 13:11:35 +0000 (GMT)

Hi, just to send the new version of MGSW Library for Pascal programmers.
Hope it gets there OK.


Path: /www/exparrot/

Missile Command, old game, Pascal source-code

Date: Sun, 30 Apr 1995 12:09:27 +0200

This is the old game Missile Command by RObert Munafo, from 1984. I've made
some small improvements, like sound and black background, but otherwise it
is just the same as it always was. I call it version 2.3 plu...

MoreFiles 1.4.3

MoreFiles is a collection of high-level routines written over the last couple
of years to answer File Manager questions developers have sent to Apple
Developer Technical Support.

The routines have been tested (but not stress-tested), documented, and...

development/hypercard/file management

File Manager 1.0 is a freeware application authored by Ken Dunham,

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