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Today is possible to relive the thrills that computer geeks had back in the 70’s, when the only way to own computer was to build one, by hand, literally. One of these computers was the Apple I, the father of all, a great computer designed and hand build by the co-founder of Apple Computer, Steve Wozniak.

The Data Domain

An interview with Ray Borril, founder of the Data Domain and one of the first resellers of the Apple I. In the era of the Altair, Borril "listened to Steve's sales pitch and it seemed like a good idea to be able to offer a computer that did not require any soldering skill."

replica 1

The Briel Computers replica 1 is a fully functional clone of the Apple 1© computer created by Steve Wozniak in 1976 that started Apple Computers©. The replica 1 is available as a kit that you solder all the components onto the circuit board, or preassembled.

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Apple I Replica Creation

[inline:cover-thumb.jpg] "The Apple ][ was really the computer designed from the ground up that would kick off personal computing on a large scale. But the Apple I took the biggest step of all. Some very simple concepts are very hard to do the first time. This computer told the world that small computers should never again come with geeky front panels, but rather with human keyboards, ready to type on." - Steve Wozniak, from the Foreword
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Building a Case for the Replica I

In this detailed tutorial, Larry Nelson explains how to make a traditional-style Replica I case out of Birch and Walnut.

Apple 1 For Sale

Complete and Apple I for sale

6502/6800 CPU's

The Apple I could use either a 6502 or 6800.

Cassette Interface

Interfacing the Apple I with a cassette recorder.

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Adding Memory

Adding memory to the Apple I.


A custom EPROM board for the Apple I.

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