Apple II

The new smartwatch for Mac

You’re eagerly anticipating the announcement of a new smartwatch for your Mac. Here it is.

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Introducing A2-Command - NOW IN BETA

UPDATED: Beta 1 Now Released! Download at:

A2Command is a file manager for enhanced Apple 2 systems with 80-column cards and ProDOS. A2Command is very similar to Norton Commander and follows many of the same principles.

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The Green Apple IIe

Green Apple - top
Apple was going to release colored Apple IIe's, weren't they? Too bad they didn't - I think they look great in Green ...

Letter from Apple to Owners

This letter was sent from Apple to all Apple I owners, informing them of the newly informed Apple I Owners Club. Apple also mentions this letter to Joe in the upcoming letter about Apple Disassembler.

Apple Confidential 2.0

The subtitle of Apple Confidential 2.0 does a really nice job of saying what the whole book is about. "The Definitive History of the World's Most Colorful Company". I would agree that this is an up to date and thorough history of Apple Computers. This contains chapters on subjects as diverse as "Why 1985 wasn't like 1984" to "Woz's Wanderings". Since it would be almost impossible to summarize what's contained in this book, I've concentrated more on readability in this review.

Seiko Datagraph UC-2001

New In Box Seiko Datagraph UC-2001$89.95

Gameshow System

The computer
A 32-buzzer gameshow system built for an Apple IIe.

Macintosh LCIIIgs

This modified LCIII is reminiscent of the Rev 4 Apple IIgs.

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Stealth GS

Stealth GS - Label
The Apple IIgs motherboard was available as an upgrade for Apple IIe users.

Tiger Learning Computer

Tiger Learning Computer
A licensed clone of the Apple IIe. The only Apple II with a PS/2 port!

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