Fractal Generation 1.3

FractalGeneration 1.3 render still images and Quicktime compressed
movies of escape type fractals. Color tables can be easily created
thanks to a 3D color picker, while a special camera path editor
allows you to pin point your movie. Color rend...

24U Paste Without Style 1.0 US

Paste Without Style will simplify your text movements in QuarkXPress.
With this XTensions software, you can add a new item into the Edit
menu, with a shortcut Command+Option+V. This command will paste the
text from clipboard, adopting the text attrib...

New Submission: clicknslide.hqx

The following file has been uploaded via FTP:

File Uploaded: clicknslide.hqx
Product Name: Click 'N Slide
Product URL: http://enetwork.ncbuy.com/downloads/ntcslide.html
Version: v1.1
Contact Name: Keith McLeod
Contact URL: ...

Slide Freebie 2.0 - Freeware Slideshow Viewer

Likes: PPC Macintosh, System 7.5 or higher, Quicktime 3.0, and 6-12MB RAM.

Slide Freebie is a freeware slide show viewer and more from Artly There.
Slide Freebie will show up to 2500 images in 300 nested folders.


Drag And Drop of Source ...

Simpsons The Game 3.0

Here comes Simpsons The Game 3.0!
it is a trivia game.

Path: /www/exparrot/files.tidbits.com/info-mac/game/simpsons-the-game-30.hqx

ICQ Resources 1.7

Hello, I send you the ICQ Resources 1.7 with description. Thank you for your great mac software collection. Marc Description: From: Marc Rock Subject: ICQ Resources 1.7 The ICQ Resources improve the look of ICQ with better icons and graphics. Also in...

Muwse-X and Muwse Classic

New Features:

*MacOS Classic & MacOS X
This version includes two applications; for Mac OS Classic and MacOS X.

*Encoding setting
You can select encoding in each languages.

System requirements:
Macintosh PowerPC, MacOS 8.0 or later, 2MB of memory,

Smitholution Font 0.96b

This is an update of the smithz bitmap-font-family. Main Feature:
Optimized Pixels!

Styles: Classic, Classic Plus, Capitals, Bold, Bold Caps, Fixedwidth,
Ultra Cond, Ultra Cond Caps, Menu Cond, Menu Black, Menu Caps, Menu
Lite, Mini, Mini Ultra, Qu...

Card Crash: Break-out style game.

Card Crash 1.0
By Scott FR

Card Crash is a fun, breakout-style game that uses cards instead of
bricks. When you hit a card, it falls toward you paddle. If you catch
the card with your paddle, then it is added to your hand. Your score
is bas...

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