N0ONG Wind Chill Calculator

A simple Freeware utility for calculating wind chill. Wind chill is
calculated when the wind speed is over 4 MPH and the temperature is
50 or below. If these values are exceeded the result window will
display "No Wind Chill"


HyperKeyboard 5.5

HyperKeyboard 5.5

What it is: HyperCard Melody Scripting Tool
Author: Ton Brand
Company: Ton's Software
License: Shareware US$6
Computer: Any Mac
Mac OS: 7.0 or later
Required: HyperCard Player 2.2 or later
HyperKeyboard is a Hyp...

Sproing! 1.0

Sproing! is an easy to use multi-item launcher, application switcher, and
file manager. Sproing! facilitates many day to day computing activities such
as: opening documents and applications, switching from one application to
another, quitting applica...

New Submission: askgurujoe.hqx

The following file has been uploaded via FTP:

File Uploaded: askgurujoe.hqx
Product Name: Ask Guru Joe
Product URL: http://enetwork.ncbuy.com/downloads/ntcaskgj.html
Version: v1.1
Contact Name: Keith McLeod
Contact URL:

N0ONG Ultimeter II Display

N0ONG Ultimeter II Display is a graphical display of current weather
conditions along with Today's High Temperature, Today's Low
Temperature, Today's High Wind Gust, and Wind Chill. And yesterdays
average temperature. It also keeps track of averag...

Circles 1.1 for MacOS X - a simple game


Circles is a simple game for MacOS X, written in Cocoa.

The goal is to fill the circles in the upper half of the game - window with
circle segments. It is a little bit Tetris like - but just some more


Bub and Bob 1.7.3J - Japanese Version

This is the Japanese version of the Bub and Bob package.

Mac OS X compatible (Classic environment)!

*Rated 5 Cows (highest rating) by Tucows (Tukids)*

Bub & Bob is an exciting, fast paced arcade game based on the original
Bubble Bobble, a classic ...


Blue Invasion 2001
By: Cristian Castillo

Blue Invasion 2001 is a system extention that changes the normal,
boring, Mac cursor to a Gradiented-Blue "cross".

To use it, just plop it into the Extentions folder, which is located
inside t...


Boot Up Speaker is a simple system extension which speaks "Welcome to
Macintosh" early in the start-up process when you boot up your Mac. This
is especially cool when you have onlookers (particularly PC users who
always ask "why doesn't my PC sa...

My Secret 1.0 Carbon - encryption program for Macintosh

My Secret 1.0 is a tool to encrypt and decrypt text messages. It
supports strong 448 bit Blowfish encryption as well as support for
custom external encryption schemes. Beside other plugins, it comes
with a free Rijndael plugin. For secure hashing,...

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