Screen Catcher DK-2.3.4 - Danish screen capture utility with"Catch-All"

Screen Catcher is a full-featured, scriptable screen capture
application. It is capable of taking snapshots of screen images and
saving them as PICT, GIF, JPEG, TIFF, BMP, PNG, Photoshop, SGI,
MacPaint, TGA, and QuickTime files. It also allows i...

Suntar 2.2.3

This is version 2.2.3 of suntar, the freeware tar utility for the
Macintosh. It should replace the previous version 2.2.2.

Path: /www/exparrot/files.tidbits.com/info-mac/cmp/suntar-223.hqx

HTML TagWriter 3.7 - a no-nonsense HTML editor

HTML TagWriter is a HTML editor with all the standard features, plus
some special tools.
The interface features floating palettes which allow easy inserting of
most HTML 4.0 tags. Tags can be edited fast and easily with the
contextual pop-up menu...

Minor Update to LetterGothic-EGG Fonts

Attached are two files to replace those of the exact same names within the
Info-Mac Archives. The version numbers have been left the same, because
the *only* change is to the e-mail addresses for user responses.

Best regards,

Mark & Traci In...

Mental Math

"Mental Math" is a HyperCard shareware program that allows upper
elememtary school children to practice their basic addition,
subtraction, multiplication, and division skills simultaneously on the
"Mental Math," used by hundreds of eleme...

SwitchBack 3.5

SwitchBack 3.5 by Glendower Software Ltd, a popular
file synchronization and backup utility.

SwitchBack makes it easy and safe to synchronize two disks, so that both
contain your most recently updated documents. Simply choose two folders to


Find all duplicate files on your hard disks.

Doublet Scan Lite is a fast way to find all the duplicates,
empty folders and unique files on your hard disks.

It's very easy to use: load the directory of your hard disks and scan
for the duplicat...

Smart Scroll 3.7.3 Controls Scrolling Speed

Smart Scroll: Scrolling speed control, Proportional scrollbar tabs and
Live scrolling.
v3.7.3 Deccember 17, 2001

Smart Scroll allows setting a comfortable Scrolling Speed in all
situations and for all Mac models. Users of fast G3 and G4 Macs may...

Days To Go 2.1.2 - simple reminder program

Have you planned a big holiday, and want to count the days remaining
until you can escape from work. Wondering how many days it has been
since you were married? Then this program is for you.

Days To Go is a simple reminder program that can be ...

QXP PhotoBook 3.0.3

QXP PhotoBook is a stand-alone utility which aids QuarkXPress users to
compile catalogs of images very quickly with a minimum of setup and user
interaction. Catalogs are saved as QuarkXPress documents, with an option to
then save as Acrobat PDF files...

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