WeatherManX1.0 Macintosh Weather Monitor

WeatherManX connects to the National Weather Service to download current
weather information to your Mac.
Weather information downloaded includes...

MacLessonPlanner Pro! 1.0

MacLessonPlanner Pro! 1.0 is a program for creating and editing lesson
plans. It is a stand-alone program written for educators who yearn for
an easier method of planning daily, weekly, and yearly lesson plans.
The strength of MacLessonPlanner Pro! 1...

MasterMind for OS X

This is an OS X implementation of the old board game MasterMind. I did
this as a way to practice writing Java code, but it works and is kind of
fun so I thought I would share it.

It is free.

Christopher Eliot


SpeedApp 2.0.3

SpeedApp 2.0.3 for Power Macintosh

Stefano Ghielmi & Matthew Hershberger are proud to
announce the release of SpeedApp 2.0 for Power
Macintosh computers.

SpeedApp is the fastest way to run an application on
Power Macintosh computers! Using...

SpeedApp 2.2.1J - Japanese Version

This is the Japanese version of the SpeedApp package.

5 Cows (highest rating) at Tucows!

SpeedApp is the fastest way for to run an application on PowerMacintosh
computers! Using a shortcut, you can call from the Finder this pretty
utility (similar ...

Stuffit Commands OSAX 5.5

The StuffIt Commands OSAX is a scripting addition that adds to your
scripting system the ability to directly interact with the StuffIt Engine
from Aladdin Systems. The StuffIt Engine is included with almost all
commercial and shareware Aladdin produ...

Smile 2.3 for OS X

This OS X-only version of the only free Applescript editor that supports
scripts larger than 32K has just been updated to support changes in OS 10.1.

Smile's authors may be reached at:
Latest versions:

Disk Charmer 3.1.5; disk erase/copy/verify utility

You don't have to wait for Mac OS X to initialize disks in background...

Disk Charmer is a neat utility that lets you conveniently erase and
copy disks, and handle disk images in DiskCopy and DiskDup+ form...

Seismic Duck 1.6 - new version of seismology game

It displays sound waves travelling underground. Learn how geologists
use sound waves to look for oil under the ground. Experiment yourself.
Then try your turn at helping the duck find oil before going broke.
Despite the geophysical basis for the game...

Watson 1.0

Watson is an extendable application for Mac OS X that gives an
"Aqua" user interface to a number of Internet-based services
such as stock quotes, telephone lookup, and movie schedules.
Watson functions much like Apple's Sherlock in that it bypasse...

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