Alchemy 1.3

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Alchemy is a nifty little program for finding word ladders.
A word ladder is a sequence of words made by changing one letter at

LockOut 4.1

LockOut is a $15 Mac application that helps keep people from using your Mac
while you're away. Helps keep your Mac safe from your co-workers while at
the office, and from your kids while at home.


Babylonian Numerals 1.0

Babylonian Numerals 1.0 - Freeware

Babylonian Numerals is a Macintosh program that displays numbers in the
Sumerian / Babylonian number system.

System Requirements: Mac OS X 10.0 or higher.

Freeware by Pandaa / Mashiro na Zenshi
e-mail: pandaa@...

iAqua 1.1.1 - K2 Scheme

Dear Mac User,

The iAqua Kaleidoscope Scheme is the result of many experiments and
everyday field testing in Graphical User Interfaces (GUI).

iAqua is a combination of all the Aqua schemes ever released in the
Internet. I took the best el...


File Adopter 1.0 is now available.

File Adopter uses your Internet Config preferences to add type and
creator codes to files that lack them. Typeless files are common on Mac
OS X, and are a source of numerous frustrations. File Adopter works with

ezBackup.scpt 1.0

ezBackup.scpt 1.0


Here's an AppleScript droplet to compress files and folders with the
unix utility "gnutar" which comes with the Apple Developer Tools. This
script equals to manually typing "gnutar zcf" with Terminal. You can
have a...

mBeat 1.1.4

One world, one time. mBeat is a new clock that displays time in Swatch
beats. The Swatch Beat is a new global concept of time that divides a
day into 1000 units and defines a new global time zone. Each unit,
called a beat, is equivalent to 1 minut...

Abstract for Fretboard Warrior

Fretboard warrior 1.0

Fretboard Warrior is a free utility designed to help guitar student to
memorize the fretboard.

The rules are simple, click the note that corresponds to the blue dot on the
fretboard. The bottom string corresponds to the 6th st...

Y! Groups Extractor [Cbn] 1.3: Yahoo! Groups binary downloader

Y! Groups Extractor 1.3 will automate downloading of binaries from the
Yahoo! Groups service (http://groups.yahoo.com/). You can get your list of
subscribed groups, choose the ones you want to download, set the starting
message and number of download...

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