Macintosh, 68K

Welcome to the World of the Power Colo(u)r Classic

[inline:1] Stuart Bell's original Power Colo(u)r Classic site, in its entirety, comes home to Applefritter.
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Dr. Webster's Guide to the MacQuarium

Everything you need to know to build the final upgrade for classic Macs.

OfficeMac 660av

Here a picture of a special casemod I did a few years ago.

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Revolution in The Valley

How was the Macintosh made? How did it evolve? What are the stories of the people who created it? Revolution in the Valley is a series of anecdotes compiled by Software Wizard Andy Hertzfeld about the early days of the Macintosh.

Quadra 7100b/G3 - Power Mac 7100/G3 in a Black Quadra 700 case

My first non-Color Classic hack combines Molecubond spray dye with a wireless keyboard, and a G3/PPC upgrade for the great Quadra 700 form-factor.

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Outbound Notebook

Outbound Notebook - front
The Outbound Notebook was introduced after the Laptop. It fared well, but was eventually defeated by Apple's Powerbooks.

Outbound Laptop

Outbound Laptop - side
The Outbound Laptop was Outbound's first computer and a great success. All it had to compete with was the heavy Mac Portable.

Systematics T5170-2

Systematics T5170-2 - front
Re-engineered by Systematics to meet TEMPEST standards, the T5170-2 does not emit electromagnetic energy.

RealTech Travler

RealTech Travler - front
RealTech relabeled the Outbound computers and sold them under their own brand.

Apple Confidential 2.0

The subtitle of Apple Confidential 2.0 does a really nice job of saying what the whole book is about. "The Definitive History of the World's Most Colorful Company". I would agree that this is an up to date and thorough history of Apple Computers. This contains chapters on subjects as diverse as "Why 1985 wasn't like 1984" to "Woz's Wanderings". Since it would be almost impossible to summarize what's contained in this book, I've concentrated more on readability in this review.

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