Power Macintosh


Steve Jobs would be proud.

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Professionals only, please. Do not attempt this hack on a living NeXT Cube!

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A Macintosh... or a Dynamometer?

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The illuminatedMac

EL string illuminates this blue iMac.

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When Corruption Kills - Backing Up Your Data

[i]I recently had the pleasure of typesetting sixteen pages. These pages contained names, I.D. numbers, owners names/addresses, as well as several other pieces of data about dogs. After two days of deciphering non-standardized forms to find the information, I came to work expecting to fix any mistakes that had come up in the proof reading and opened the file.

Expanding Your Mac - A Rundown of Macintosh Slots

Computers were designed as general purpose machines with the ability to do anything in the digital world that one can imagine. The standard configuration of a machine may not suit the mind of a creator or artist, so they'll add something to it. Their are many different types of boards available and they can fit into different types of slots. The type of slot dictates how many things work inside of a machine. The most common features are integrated onto a computer's motherboard but they are addressed virtually as if the functionality were an expansion card.

Vaporware - Umax prototypes

Vaporware is best defined as those prodcuts you heard about, but never could go out and buy them because the company never officially releases the product. What remains are obscure press releases, random pictures, beta software, and demos of prototypes

Vaporware - Power Computing Prototypes

For starters, its best to define vaporware. Quite frankly, vaporware is any announced product or technology that never makes it to market. Their are tons of items that fit into the vaporware cloud over the computer industry. The examples this week stem from Power Computing, the first licensed clone maker. They weren't really that secretive with their plans and made a few empty promises...

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Piltdown Man - Power Mac 6100 prototype

Piltdown Man - front
Piltdown Man is the codename for the Power Mac 6100, one of Apple's first PPC-based Macs.

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