Apple II

Apple Compote (Music Casette)

This is a digitized Version of the 1983 MC "Apple Compote".

Content (Side A)

Jammin' at the Orchard

1. Little Rock Getaway (Joe Sullivan)
Antone Walloch, ALF MC16 (2:24)
2. Swingin' in the Country (Craig Crossman)
Craig Crossman, ALF MC16 (1:39)

Synthesized Seeds

3. Galaxy Gap (Robin Jigour)
Robin Jigour, alphaSynthauri (2:23)
4. Bus Stomp (Mario Acerra)
Mario Acerra, alphaSynthauri (2:38)
5. March of the Womp Rats (Greg Bloom)
Greg Bloom, ALF MC1 (1:14)
6. Celtic Suite (Traditional)
Chris Light, Electric Duet (4:57)
7. Oceanotion (Gerry Asp)
Gerry Asp, Soundchaser (4:01)

ALF MC1 Songs


Mountain Expansion Chassis Manual

Mountain Computer Expansion Chassis Manual

Very first CDrive prototype.

Schematic and photo of the first CDrive (internal hard drive for Apple //c).


Apple FPGA Version 1.0

The Woz Pack II and Other Assorted Goodies

A Collection of Apple II Documentation. Furnished Through Courtesy of Apple Computer Inc.

Apple IIe Technical Service Manual

This is a 63 page document on repairing your Apple IIe.

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