OTTool F1.1 - French Version

OTTool is a free utility which provides a synopsis of the AppleTalk and IP
configuration parameters within Apple Computer's Open Transport networking
architecture. In addition, OTTool allows users on IP networks to make
Domain Name Server (DNS) quer...


C.S.M.P. Digest Wed, 25 Oct 95 Volume 3 : Issue 118

Today's Topics:

Accessing color table for PICT
Apple Event: How to get Address of sender
Calling a PPC trap not in InterfaceLib
Custom Palettes ...


Private Access is a Newton MP2000 application that is used for storing
sensitive information on the Newton. Users can store any number of
entries, each of which is fully encrypted and protected by a passcode;
the passcode can be any of over 10 mil...

Convert Cyrillic RTF files Mac Windows

This package contains mapping ("translation") tables for both
Add/Strip (info-mac/text/add-strip-322.hqx) and
PowerReplace (info-mac/text/power-replace-63.hqx).

These tables enable you to convert RTF files with Cyrillic and English
characters betwee...

ara-Digicom Scout+1.0.sit.hqx

Date: 20 Dec 1992 21:49:37 -0700

Hello there,

Here's version 1.0 of my Digicom Scout+ script for AppleTalk Remote Access.

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to drop me a line. If I am
able I will reply, but please remember this i...

Looney Lander; a game

Date: Tue, 17 Jan 1995 21:21:11 -0700

Looney lander is game akin to the original Lunar Lander. This is the
pre-release free-ware version. System 7.0 or greater and Color is

Email : |=====================================...

Info-Mac Browser 1.0

Info-Mac Browser is a custom FTP client designed just for Info-Mac!
Simply launch the application, select a mirror, and connect.
Double-click a folder to open it or a file to download it. File names
are extracted from the subject lines of abstract...

AVF 1.1 - Asynchronous Video Framework 1.1

This pack contains a free C++ CW10 library that allows you to grab frames
asynchronously from your QuickCam or from Apple Digitizer.

The pack contains the PPC library, the headers, and examples.

Philippe Lang

Path: /www/exparr...

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