PageMaker Filter for Quark 3.1

Date: 12 Jul 92 19:49:00 EDT

Here (hopefully) is the Quark XTension that allows the import of Aldus
PageMaker documents (v. 4.0 and 4.2) into Quark XPress 3.1. I say
"hopefully" because I'm not sure if I mailed it correctly... Sad

To quote the doc...

Orbit3d 1.0

Orbit3d simulates the motion of bodies in space according to Newton's
Laws, in three dimensions and allows the user to build and run their own
solar systems with built in editing tools. The package includes the
Orbit3d program, documentation, and...

MacCentral March 1996

Welcome to MacCentral!

MacCentral is a free monthly electronic magazine providing a platform from which
to promote, discuss, inform and generally wonder at the World which is Macintosh.
We will keep you up to date with the latest news and product in...

Insomniac 1.1.1 for PowerBooks and PCI Power Macs

Abstracts from files in info-mac/cfg/pb as of Sun 20 Mar 2005

Note: This utility works only on those Macintosh models that can wake
themselves up (PowerBook 100 & 150, PowerBook 500 and 5300 series,
PowerBook Duos, and PCI-based Power Macintoshe...

TMap: A Newton Map of the Boston Subway

Date: Wed, 17 Aug 1994 14:16-0400

When I purchased the "Fodor's 94" card for my Newton, I noticed it
didn't contain a subway map for Boston, so I wrote this fairly small
(57K on your Newton) application. The left and right arrow buttons
scroll the ...

Lambspam v 1.0 for the macintosh

This is a small, stand alone game, of the generic arcade type.
It works well on any old or new world mac, which uses the traditional
Mac OS. This game is one of my first university attempts at programming
and is therefore not OS X compliant, because...

GetFontManager XFCN 2.5

GetFontManager takes no parameters. It returns information about the
Font Manager. Item 1 is true if outline fonts are supported.

This external is free for purely personal use. A license fee of $10.00
is required if you use this external in any

AppeWindows 2.03

If you have seen the Speech Manager, then you know that a background
only application can put a window onto the screen (contrary to popular
belief). The new Text Services Manager in System 7.1 offers documented
hooks for creating, disposing, and hand...

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