Atlanta Technical Specialists

ATS Prototype Tower

ATS Prototype Tower - front
ATS never finalized or shipped this prototype tower.

ATS Power House

ATS Power House - Page 1
A prototype tower unit, by ATS.

ATS Power House

All the information we have on the ATS Power House is based on one brochure, provided below:

ATS Power House - Page 1 ATS Power House - Page 2

ATS Tower IIfc

The appeal to the Tower IIfc was that it provided the user with a powerful power supply and huge, expandable case and within which to encase their Mac II series computer. All this was done at a price comparable to a stock unit. The Tower IIfc is the model most lauded in Bob Brant's Build Your Own Macintosh and Save a Bundle.

ATS Convertible

ATS Convertible - Front
The ATS Convertible provided a way to get more life out of an aging Mac by providing drive bays, a SCSI port, and an external monitor.

Atlanta Technical Specialists

ATS business card

Jonathan Yeager, president of Atlanta Technical Specialists, was kind enough to provide us with an extensive number of old pictures, schematics, press releases, and manuals to ATS' systems.

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