ATS Prototype Tower

ATS Prototype Tower - front
ATS never finalized or shipped this prototype tower.

ATS Power House

ATS Power House - Page 1
A prototype tower unit, by ATS.

ATS Power House

All the information we have on the ATS Power House is based on one brochure, provided below:

ATS Power House - Page 1 ATS Power House - Page 2

ATS Tower IIfc

The appeal to the Tower IIfc was that it provided the user with a powerful power supply and huge, expandable case and within which to encase their Mac II series computer. All this was done at a price comparable to a stock unit. The Tower IIfc is the model most lauded in Bob Brant's Build Your Own Macintosh and Save a Bundle.

ATS Convertible

ATS Convertible - Front
The ATS Convertible provided a way to get more life out of an aging Mac by providing drive bays, a SCSI port, and an external monitor.

Mac 128k Prototype

Mac 128k Prototype - protologo
John Woodall has provided us with images of a prototype Mac 128k.

Macintosh 128k

Mac 128k - front
Apple's first Macintosh.

Tiger Learning Computer

Tiger Learning Computer
A licensed clone of the Apple IIe. The only Apple II with a PS/2 port!

VTech Laser 128

Laser 128
VTech impressively managed to reverse-engineer the Apple II's ROMs and create a legal prototype.


Syscom - front
Like most Apple II clones, the Syscom II, made by Syscom 2 Inc. in Carson City, Nevada, is housed in a case virtually identical to the actual Apple II's.

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