Mimic Systems' Spartan

Spartan - front
This Apple II clone is an expansion unit for the Commodore 64.

Micro ][ BASE-48

Base 48 - front
Another clone of the Apple II, probably made in Germany.

Micro ][

Micro ][ - overview
This clone was manufactured in Tiawan and sold as a kit.


Gigatronics - ermis
The Apple II in Greece.

Franklin ACE 2200

Franklin ACE 2200 - overview
The Franklin ACE 2200 was the last Apple clone Franklin made.

Franklin ACE 500

Franklin ACE 500 - overview
Housed in a slim, attractive case, the ACE 500 is clearly one of Franklin's later computers.

Computer Hobbyvereniging Eindhoven CHE-1

CHE 1 - Front
A Dutch clone, designed and built by a hobbyist club.


BASIS - front
Built and marketed in Germany, the Basis 108 sported a Z-80 processor in addition to a 6502.

Bell & Howell Apple II+

Bell & Howell - Front
The Apple II goes undercover.

OK - I'm stumped - What is a SARAsaur?

Anyone who still loves the Apple /// as a great computer!

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