Building a Case for the Replica I

By Larry Nelson


As a person with multiple hobbies, I finally found a way to combine at least two of my part-time interests: namely, woodworking and the Replica-1 computer by Vince Briel. After buying the Replica, and adding the serial board, I made a box to put my Apple-1 Replica into. A few months later, Vince came through for the whole group of Replica enthusiasts with authentic ASCII keyboards. My old Replica case wouldn’t take the keyboard I bought from Vince, though, and I decided to build a case that would comfortably hold the new (old) keyboaof my system.

Start out with a base of MDF (medium-density-fiberboard) cut to 18 1

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Beautiful. Good job on the instructions.

MDF and dust

It should be noted that MDF produces fine airborne dust if care isn't taken when cutting or boring into it, so a dust mask should be worn and it should be cut in a well ventilated area. MDF is also susceptible to water damage as it's pretty much a compressed paper product. Gibson made a cheap line of guitars using this stuff in the 1970's.