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Intermittent keyboard failure on Apple IIe

AY-5-9600-PRO Clock Signal

program working on Apple II / Apple II+

Is there a list of all the programs working on an original Apple II / Apple II+ ?

most of the disk images I'm loading are not working on a II++
- some just crash
- some other end with basic errors
- some other seem to require resources they have...

I guess its due to program for IIe or later...
incompatible with II / II+

issue with Apple II fast scsi card

Got around to testing this card. I hope it's just a configuration error. Or i'm using the wrong disk.

I'm getting this screen:

Things I've tried:

different slots (currently in 5)
remove all other cards one by one.
remove the scsi card - system starts perfectly

Diagnostics loop

My IIe seems to enter diagnostic mode by itself and stays there.

IIe Platinum Video problem


I got my first Apple IIe Platinum. I got it for a good price I think (60$). Inside were also a 5.25 controller card and a SSC. That's all very nice.

What is not so nice is the fact that it has a video problem.

got a huge lot of Apple II and IBM stuff, how to test

I know I don't post often, I still lurk, but I haven't had cause to make a post until now. Long story short, I had a windfall of Apple II and IBM stuff. More stuff than I can ever use for myself! (images included)

I got 7 chassis, in various states, from nearly destroyed, to "passable", power supplies, 4x IIe color monitors, and at least 2 big boxes of cards.

New Magazine

Having been launched in September 2017, a new
magazine has arrived that focuses on
retro computers (Apple II included of course!)
with modern updates.

Link is below.

The magazine has also written an emulator
for the modern age.

At this website:

strange keyboard failure...

strange keyboard failure on several board / keyboards....

What were the big UK Apple //e magazines in 1983-4?

As above, thanks!

Very early Apple II+ from ebay

I thought about buying this but passed. Beyond the bragging rights I didn't see much point.

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