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CFFA 3000 in Apple II europlus or Apple II+ (NTSC) smartport I/O Error, hang or crasch

write and read issue with CFFA 3000 SmartPort slots in Apple II europlus and Apple II + (NTSC) with newer firmware, but works with older.


Can anyone name some assemblers for the Apple II,II+,IIe and IIc.

I can only think of

Surely there were others.

Wireless Bluetooth Controller for Apple //c

This is a kickstarter that comes
bundled with retro controller for
the Apple //c. You can not only use
their controller but others.

I wonder if it would work on a Apple ][e?

Here's the link.

Apple IIgs monitor only displaying a single horizontal line

I've already searched the forum to no avail, and I don't know the first thing to start troubleshooting this problem. The IIgs itself works fine through composite out, but the RGB monitor only displays this solitary horizontal line.

Apple II and IIgs Inheritance

To make a long story short, last year my parents' house was destroyed by a tornado. Luckily, all of their vintage computer stuff was in the detached garage which wasn't hit nearly as bad. They didn't want to move the computers etc. into their new home so I inherited it all.

I am now the proud owner of an Apple II (A2S1 - 15963) with a Sanyo VM4209 monitor and an Apple IIgs.

Archiving and saving all my disks

The short version:
I'm looking for ideas and suggestions on how to best save/transfer all my disks (as a final Apple II project) to the PC. There's lots to be saved and it is my intent to trickle them down to asimov for all to enjoy. Been prattling on about this for a long while. And if I don't start this in the next couple of days I'll never get it done. So I've made a few practice runs.

Apple //e A2S2080 S Platinum

info about unopened Apple //e A2S2080 S Platinum

Changes to my BBS

I have been thinking of ways to try and make my Apple II BBS more relevant to modern times.

I have hidden all the old story subs (though they are still there if one wants to look), modified a few others and added a couple that might be more appropriate, such as "old computers and such" and "board and computer games".

I have added additional ProTERM Special support.

If anybody has a suggestion on other ways to make the BBS less of an anachronism, I would be happy to listen. Smile

Skip port # 6359

ProDOS 2.4 - Now released!!!

Well the beta testing is over and now
ProDOS 2.4 is released.

Here's the link for the new features
and the disk image is at the end of the page.

Unknown Apple II card and gameport connector "dongle"

I bought one Apple II plus computer... inside I found one unknown card and small chip/dongle inserted into gameport socket...

Eprom sticker on card read: I s I 4
Dongle sticker QT 202

Does anybody know what is this?

see attached pictures...

Thank you

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