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Zip GSX not working with 64 Ko cache

Hello to all,

I'm trying to upgrade my Zip GSX v1.02 card with 64 Ko cache.
It is runnig at 10 Mhz with a 65C816-10. I'm using brand new SRAM UM61256K-15 and UM61256FK-15.

When 64 Ko is configured, the card crash within a minute under GS/OS 6.01. Sometimes, I can't even get it to load.
Without removing SRAM, if I get back to 32 Ko cache (only 2 chips are used), the card is working great.

How to program the Mockingboard and Phasor?

Need help with designing a Mockingboard/Phasor clone for the IIe.

Apple 2 (Original Model) Flood Damage

As you may know, Colorado experienced major flooding in 2013. My house was effected, and an Apple ][ (that I didn't even know we had) was in the basement and got wet. Now, it won't boot. There is a Microsoft memory expansion in it, and that has a few lights that come on when I turn on the power, but other than that, there is no evidence that it is on. If anyone has something I could try, please reply.

Newbie II GS Owner - Need Suggestions Please

Newbie II GS Owner - Need Suggestions Please

Fix for A2m6021 Monitor rear RCA jack

The AppleColor Composite Monitor iie model A2M6021 With age, seems to have a problem with the female rear RCA input composite jack. Even if you use a new RCA cable, moving around the cable will cause intermittent disconnections. This results in (depending on the severity of the problem) a loss of an ability for the monitor to allow you to view the picture.

Is this an Original Apple II or Apple Plus?

Hello, I'm new to this forum. I have viewed a bunch of discussions regarding Apple II versus Apple II Plus. I was just wondering if you could look at my computer and give me some more information regarding if its a late model Apple II or an Apple II Plus. I know that some Apple II's were made after the introduction of the Apple Plus.

Apple IIe Video Issues

I'm having some issues with the video output on my Apple IIe.

IIc Plus System Test

I've had an Apple IIc Plus for a few years now and everything seems to work fine on it. I use it several times a week for programming and gaming and never had a noticeable problem. I've ran the diagnostic self-test on it occasionally over time and always came up with the same result, which now I'm beginning to question.

IIc Plus 3.5 drive compaibility

Hello All,

I have an Apple IIc plus and have tried to use it with two different Unidisk 3.5 drives (A2M2053). Both drives exhibit the same behavior where they "hang" after a disk format or volume listing. My understanding is that the Apple IIc plus is supposed to be backwards compatible with the Unidisk 3.5 drive. Am I not correct on this?

History of Disk II production

Just wanted to show off my latest acquisition - Disk II.

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