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Help needed with Apple IIe Power Supply repair (ASTEC) [SOLVED]

After reading David Finnigan's New Apple II User's Guide, I've decided to revieve my dad's old IIe. I remember, back when I was a kid, this was his most priced possession, quite litarally. I've grown up in the Russian occupied part of Germany and at this time in the 80's, computers - especially Apple II's - were pretty much not accessable for people or insanely expensive.

Apple II rev 0 with factory toggle supply on eBay

I'm not shilling for the owner, I just looked at the pics on my iPhone and was very surprised.

That power supply is pretty rare for an Apple II to still be installed. The only rarer one is the silk screened supply in the very early models. Too bad it's missing the power Dome light on the keyboard. Still a pretty cool system.

Can anyone help me identify this game?

OK so this might be tough. Back in the summer of 1981 I had my first exposure to the Apple II. My neighbours had one and a few games for it.

Saving NIB images back to physical diskettes

It is almost impossible to save back .NIB images to real diskettes due to lack of all data in them. Are there any apple2 software titles that are available as NIB images on the net but can be used only with emulators because there are no means to create a physical disks from them?

Memory Expansion card not working Apple IIe

Hi everyone,

I have recently bought a 80col 64K expansion card (see attached picture) for and unenhanced apple IIe.
I cannot make it work (PR#3 causes a lockup - I have to Ctrl-Reset to regain control)
so I figured out the problem may be that the Motherborad is Rev A.

Here are my questions :
- is there something to do with this card to make it work (mod it or whatever) ?

Was Cyrus II Chess ever released for the Apple ][?

I'm on the same search as this guy. I'm sure I used to have it for the //e but I can't find a dsk image anywhere. Does anyone know if it was ever even released?

How to get a game to run automatically

How can I get a game to run automatically at startup instead of having a menu or typing BRUN?

Question about the DOS 3.3 Sample Programs disk BRICKOUT game

When I run the above game, my Joystick //e moves the 'bat' up and down only when I move the joystick left and right. When I move the joystick up and down, as would be intuitive, nothing happens.

Is this the same for you, or is there something wrong with my joystick?

Announcing the Marina IP stack for Apple II

Because I wanted to learn more about ethernet and TCP/IP networking, and because I was dissatisfied with existing TCP/IP implementations for the Apple, I decided to write my own implementation. It is called Marina. Celebrates 5 Year Anniversary

On 01 April 2015, celebrates it’s 5 year anniversary online. During those 5 years, the site has had over 72,000 visitors, or an average of 14,400 visitors/year and that number continues to grow. A2OL has added 1,086 original high quality PDF files over it’s many file libraries with the help of over 40 contributors.

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