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Apple II+ Keyboard Mod - Questions/thoughts?

Hi all, have a II+ with a shift key mod on steroids. The machine does not currently boot, have to swap the power supply and check a few things before I can actually
try it out.

mean time, I have never seen a mod quite like this (although I've never seen a lot of things!)

Merlin 8 LIST Formatting Issue

Hi everyone!

Hopefully someone much smarter than I can help me out here. Trying to build a game from source with Merlin 8 and I am getting odd formatting.

I've tried with both AppleWin and my own //c and get similar results.

Notepad++ doesn't show any odd formatting npp.JPG

Yet doing a LIST in Merlin shows these solid white "J" on every line


Apple IIGS repair help needed

Hi everyone,

I'm stuck with one of my Apple IIGS.
It started, when I received my Transwarp GS card. The card seems to be unstable and I've found out, that the connector to the CPU socket seems to have connection problems. So I replaced the CPU socket with a new one on the GS board. Then my problems started Smile

ORCA C Question on the Apple IIgs

Has anyone used ORCA C for the Apple IIgs? If so, how is it?

I've been coding in C for a long time on other platforms and now I
m interested on porting some things to the GS. I don't know much about
orca C but I was thinking about buying it.

Does anyone have a copy of the manual they could share with me? If I read
through the manual, I should be able to tell if the stuff I want to port
would be worth doing. I would also like to learn a bit more about ORCA C
before throwing down $100.00, I've looked all over the net for a manual
or more info, but information on ORCA C is scarce.


Can anyone remember this "futuristic" generic green Apple ][ monitor with no bezel?

Hi all, can anyone help me track down the make and model of the green or amber composite monitor my parents had for our family Apple //e. I can't find any sign of it on eBay or Google Images (but lots of photos of Amber Heard which is quite distracting), yet my memory is distinct.

- It wasn't Apple branded AFAIK
- It had little or no visible bezel (plastic frame) around the screen

The best Apple iie sound disk FOUND!

I was wondering if you guys have ever seen or heard of this disk.

Many years ago I was given all the disks from two people I knew who were selling or have lost their Apple ii stuff.

One particular game was interesting in that the sound that came out of my iie was incredible.

It was an introduction to the game and it said something like this:

What BASIC book came with the //e and what's wrong with this program?

Hi guys, what was the handbook that had some basic BASIC (basic) programs in it for kids young and old to try?

And, no prizes I'm afraid, but what's wrong with this program?


"REBOOTING" boot loop with Spiradisc protected Frogger //e game

Hi, I bought a vintage floppy disk of Frogger for the Apple //e. It was still shrink wrapped with the original Our Price Records price tag which was pretty cool.

I had nostalgic fun opening it (couldn't resist) but the disk just boot loops.

It displays a one line copyright notice at the top of the screen for a millisecond:


Then says "REBOOTING" and cycles like that.

The label on the front says "II/II+" and of course I'm running it on a "IIe" so I suspect that's the issue. I only just got the machine, and the one and only other disk I have (An Introduction to the //e) loads fine.

The weird thing is though, I used to own exactly that same game in the 80s and it worked fine on my //e!

"RUN A1": What was the Apple //e loader where you had to type it?

Can anyone help me remember an Apple //e disk that would load to a command prompt, then you would type:

] RUN A1

It would then load a list of programs/games, where you could hit a number to load the corresponding program.

It could've just been a generic loader (maybe a popular one?), or maybe I even programmed it myself, in which case you won't remember it Wink

TranswarpGS clone

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