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How to copy IIgs system disk

I just obtained a ROM3 IIgs with 2M of total RAM. Included were 2 3.5" drives and a 5.25" drive (I believe I will need a separate controller for the latter). The 3.5" drives are A9M0106s, as I believe were standard with the IIgs.

A Hypothetical ROM Question

Hi All,

Besides my Apple II's I also dabble in the C64 computers.
By "Dabble" I mean that I have a couple but have yet to use them. lol

Looking at a majority of the early C64 software, it all seems to be on ROM chips placed in a cartridge.

I was thinking:

[b]Would it be possible to place software on EPROMS and use the Integer ROM Card from an Apple II/II Plus

VCF East - So who's going?

I'll be exhibiting there, who else is going to be there? (in any capacity)

Community driven IDE controller for Apple II?

I don't know how many of you are familiar with the XTIDE project driven by the Vintage Computer forum community. It's basically an interface to connect modern hard disks to 8-bit ISA. They've actually managed to push the price of the card and components pretty low, taken that you assemble it by yourself.

Introduction and Apple iic help required.

Hi All

Since this is my first post I would like to introduce myself and say hi to all the forum members.

Vintage Micro Music on Youtube

I'm beginning to reach new locations on my journey through the history of Apple II music.
Vintage Micro Music on Youtube

IIGS just recieved.

It's just totally unheard of that an Ebay seller would actually LIE to drive up the price for a computer system with a top description "WORKS" in the title.
I won this system and received it yesterday.
and here are the photo's of the motherboard.

Apple III+

Landed this a few weeks ago from Bob. Looked to be an engineering unit; the part number of the motherboard is 610-0207, released motherboards are 611-0106.

Apple //c ProDOS or Z-RAM Ultra III problem?


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