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IIe is unwell: drops to monitor

I recently picked up a IIe and a IIgs. While I've got the IIgs working nicely with ADTPro, the IIe + DuoDisk is not so happy. I'm not familiar with Apple IIs, but are there any particular issues I need to look for?

BLOAD'ing DHR pictures fail from Smartport Hard Drive


IIgs expansion card/port; what is it?

Does anyone know what type of expansion card/port this is?

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Software complains my IIc is not 128k?

ProTerm requires an Apple IIe, IIc, or IIgs with a minimum of 128k of memory?

Nox Archaist Kickstarter! (Apple II RPG)

New Apple II RPG Nox Archaist launches Kickstarter to produce collector's edition including full color game box, fabric map, printed manual, game artifacts, and more -all with professional custom artwork!

Apple IIC Chinook Hard Drive Utilties Help

I have a Apple IIC Chinook external hard drive.

At one point I used the drive on a Mac and so the partitions are no longer 4 ProDOS drives that can been seen by the Apple IIC.

I do not have any utility software that can partition the drives for ProDOS as the drive originally shipped to me from Chinook Technologies.

Erphi AFDC2 Controller EPROM and Handling+TEAC55F mods

Includes notes and gets tommorow added info's about TEAC 55F mods
for use with Apple II and mods for switching between 40 track and 80 track mode



Thoughts on the Floppy Emu Deluxe Bundle from BMOW

Hello All,

I wanted to solicit feedback from users of the BMOW Floppy Emu product.

I plan to use it with my un enhanced Apple IIE that has an Disk II interface and single Disk II drive. I have some software I would like to get off of the original 30 plus year floppies on to some type of flash media. My plan is to have the Disk II as drive 1 and the Emu as drive 2.

Problem with loading from tape audio onto apple IIe

Since I don't yet have a disk II, I've been experimenting with loading stuff from tape. Now, due to my lack of any apple II tape software, I've been playing mp3s of the tapes straight from my phone into the input jack, but it doesn't load. I've made sure its in the right one, I've made sure a second aux is plugged into the output port, I've tried adjusting the volume, but nothing works. Any ideas?

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