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Apple IIe Help

I'm brand new to old Apple computers and I was wondering about an Apple II I have just brought. When I startup without a disk it just says Apple II no cursor or anything according to the original manual. Do I need a DOS 3.3 disk to install or?

IIgs and adtpro

Apple IIgs


Apple //c issues with connecting to ADTPro

The quick version: It looks like ADTPro is sending correctly but the //c doesn't show any communication.

Apple IIe and telnet port 23

This concerns connecting to an Apple IIe using telnet and the default port 23. I have read that port 23 is not a good idea due to security issues.

But I suspect this is for connecting to modern computers, not an old Apple IIe which is not smart enough to respond to such tactics, is that true?

Interesting Apple IIe Similiar to Super II

I’ve got a really humdinger of an Apple IIe for you guys to examine…

Open Apple - an Apple II podcast

Open Apple is a podcast dedicated to the Apple II.

IIGS video question

solder a jumper from pin 3 to pin 15 on the logic board for the upscaler.

Apple 3.5 drive isn't recognized on Platinum IIe

I just got a Platinum IIe. I put my 5 1/4 I/O card in the IIe and both drives seem fine. I put my 3.5 Drive controller card (603-9107-A LIRON) in and attached my 3.5 drives (A9M0106) drives, first both daisy chained, then individually. At no time were any of the 3.5 drives accessed. I have the 3.5 card in slot 5 and the 5 1/4 card in slot 6.

][gs set up

I start machine, load disk, and get 'cannot find PRODOS' and it goes no further...

Duodisk Repair Help

Hello, I'm attempting to resurrect an Apple IIe and I've hit a wall with the Duodisk.

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