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Help Me Identify This Apple IIe Card

Found a mystery floppy drive pass-thru card in Slot 7 of a Cast-Off Apple IIe


Was there an Apple branded Joystick
for the II, II+ ? Or did they only release
a Joystick for the IIe, IIc? (rear connection)

Which also prompts me to why there wasn't
one released for the IIGS.

How, about paddles?
How many versions were released?

'Last Jedi' Trailer on a IIc

See The Last Jedi trailer run on a IIc

Disk images of ProDOS Desktop Toolkit

Hey does anybody have the disks for the ProDOS Desktop Toolkit in disk image format?

Saving data on floppies

How not to overwrite existent files

Apple IIe RAM issue solved!

New RAM chips installed, Kernel OK. Smile


Out of curiosity, has anyone de-capped
any of Apple's custom chips and
taken a photo die?

It would be interesting to see //e and IIGS chips.

New User, "New" Apple IIe: Greetings & Questions

Hoping to solve some weird things...

Where to get an Apple IIe Monitor Cable

Hello all, Can someone lead me in the right direction on where to get a monitor cable for the Apple IIe? The jack on the base unit is a different size than the monitor. Is this normal?


Building my own SD card interface for the Apple II

Hi there,

just out of curiosity, I am currently in the middle of building my own SD card interface for my enhanced IIe. I am not trying to build a floppy replacement, but more of a ProFile replacement with a SD card with one (later multiple) 32MB ProDos partitions.

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