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Add interlace video to Apple ///

One of the new features of the Apple III Plus was an interlaced video mode, controlled by a switch added to the outside of the case. Apparently, Apple offered this feature is an upgrade to existing Apple threes, but it's not clear what the upgrade consists of.

My question is: can this feature be easily added to an existing nonplus Apple III?

Focus IDE controller

Has anyone got any experience with this? Why is it s poorly rated? It's definitely the right price.

DriveWrie client for Aplle II

Has anyone ever developed an Apple II client for the DriveWire server?

a9m0107 intermittent failure to copy disks with the Dos 3.3 System Master Program.

Pretty much the subject.

I like to test my drives extensively but I come across this intermittent problem.

It does not happen often. In fact, my testing procedure is like this:

In the morning, I copy the system master disk to the same drive three times.

I do the same in the afternoon and evening.

Disk drives do not work.

I have two Disk ][ drives, three disk controller cards, and around thirty bootable disks (I have run them successfully before). But whatever combination of drive, controller, and disk I try, my Apple //e will not boot. What could I do to rectify the problem? down? appears to be down as the address opens just a blank page.

Disk ][ head stepper

I got hold of a damaged disk drive for my ][e, it appears to have suffered a fall from a great height as the case was dented, the disk rotating flywheel and bearing had dropped out and the pcb mount had snapped off of it's mounts to the casting.

These are all rectifiable but the head drive stepper motor appears to be seized solid - which seems very odd for a stepper motor.

Apple ][e display pulsating

Hi all,

I have after many years finally got myself a lovely Apple ][e!

It seems to be working fine but the display is doing an add pulsating thing.

Basically once a second all the text appears to go bold and then it flicks back to normal.

The machine has an 80 column card in it, if that's relevant.

Any ideas what might cause this?

(The monitor is an lcd tv)


Disk ][ Question:Slot Selection

After reconditioning some Disk ]['s I found that they worked terrifically well with all software, when booting them in slot #6. Trying to boot from slot#4 created issues however. It was driving me nuts at first, when I didn't realize the solution, and I was keeping slot #6 open for being able to quickly be plugging in and out an I/O card (for running a DuoDisk).

Basic compiler for A-//e

A question for all you good Apple fans.

Does anyone know of a compiler that will work on an enhanced Apple IIe to compile Applsoft code?

I tried TASC, but it makes assumptions about the enhanced IIe ROM that NOT correct.

BTW, I am still using DOS 3.3 for nostalgia purposes.

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