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Platinum //e - Softcard Locking Up


I recentlty added an original Microsoft Softcard to Apple //e, Slot 4.

I've been having an awful of trouble with it. The system boots up, and many things works like Basic, etc.

If I type STAT, it returns the free space on disk A. If I type STAT B, it just locks up.

I have loaded other programs and they have locked up. Wordstar 4 locks up.

Tecmar LabMaster AD211 Card

Just got this card today with hopes of gathering as much info on the card as I can.

The TecMar LabMaster AD211 was one of the first multi-functional data acquisition cards for the Apple ][, though the card was mostly produced in 1980 to 1981. In it's essence, this is an 8-channel Analogue to Digital Converter Board. The Company was located in Ohio, USA.

The board's claim to fame:

Volunteer needed for floppy dump - Silicon Valley

I'm looking for a volunteer in or close to the Silicon Valley area to dump a few floppy disks (hopefully no more than two).

Needed: Laser 128 card external enclosure

Does anyone have the external card enclosure for a Laser 128? We need to get one (as a tax-deductible donation for the Vintage Computer Federation museum) or at least get enough pictures/details to replicate it. We are making a Lego programming station for kids/parents and we chose to base it around the Laser because it's small (like a //c) but has the necessary card slot (like a //e).

Diode replacement

Hello again folks.

Recapping another II powersupply

Noticed that D12 looks burnt and the PCB is burnt under it as well - so i want to replace it

How to set up the 'super R mod'

Hi all

Got my II euro plus working after recapping the power supply

This machine came with a 'super R mod II'. I believe it is a tv modulator so I can connect the II to a normal color TV.

This is it was disconnected when I got it.

There is an RGB encoder card and the super R mod II board. I think i am supposed to connect the 2 of them together.


As most users are aware, the Apple II, II+, IIe, IIc
had a large user base and following that was used for
this purpose (and still does to this day) on this topic.

There are lots of tutorials that are still available
online that explain the process of various techniques
to de-protect the software. This lead to further
knowledge about disk protection used by the companies
and indepth knowledge of the computer and DOS. (and ProDOS)

There were a lot of copy cards, crack cards and software
for this purpose.

But what about the Apple IIGS? As far as I know,
there were no copy cards for the Apple IIGS and the
amount of copy software severely diminished.
It seemed once the platform changed,
the information just disppeared. Or was it the case the
people moved to other computers that were move alluring at
the time of the GS. (Atari ST, Commodore Amiga)

USPS Bashed it good

USPS plays basketball with a Color Monitor IIe

KeyTronic KB-200 external keyboard for Apple II/II+

Does anyone have one of these? Googling turns up only a magazine ad on deskauthority. I got this along with a "hand me down" II+ system someone gave me in the early 90's.

Is it better to part out an apple II and sell the AE cards separatly or sell the computer intact?

Have a pretty well loaded IIe and a IIc. I'm not knowledgeable about the hobby. I was going to recycle it but saw some sales on ebay. Looking for advice.

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