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Apple IIgs - what do I need

after following apple iigs sales for years I finally said screw it and ordered the one in my ebay post. Comes with two diskdrives, unknown to be working or not, no display cable and no software - lights up and bleeps when started apparently.

I got two problems I need to solve right away.

Apple IIc Display Question

Curious if the display output I am seeing is normal (or at least normal for how I have it connected)

I have my IIc connected to a plasma TV for now (trying to find someone selling a monitor //c for a reasonable price!) and I am getting a lot of pink and green color banding

Is this the side effect of a 30 year old composite output on a modern television?

Apple //c Drive Issues

Hi guys.

Trying to relive childhood and get an Apple //c back up and running. I have the system successfully bootstrapping from ADTPro, but I think there is an issue with my disk drive.

Interesting device...

Interesting device...

Considering a SCSI card for my IIgs

I'm considering picking up a SCSI card for my IIgs. I have a CFFA3000 so not sure I need it for HD but for some reason I'm considering it for a CD-ROM. However, I really don't remember much software coming out on CD. So other than the want factor... help me justify it... Smile


Unidisk and drive repairs. Info needed please.

I mentioned earlier that I purchases a pair of 5.25" unidiscs and a 3.5" drive. Is there a way to test and align these drives? I have no OS discs for the 2gs system and will have to bootstrap the system to create system discs I guess. I'll probably have to clean align the drives eventually. Can anyone recommend a site where I can find this info from? How hard is it to do?

Removing yellowing off of plastics

I managed to purchase a pair of 5.25" unidiscs and a 3.5' drive as well. The 5.25" drives look a little yellowish. Has anyone managed to clean and return their drives back to their original color?
I found this site: What have you guys found that works? Take the drive apart and pop the case into the dish washer?
I'm looking to clean them up as best I can.

Apple 2e Z80 Soft card


I have a Z80 Soft card .If I plug in the card in the Apple 2e.
Can not turn on the Apple.
The significance of the dip-switch does not know me too.
I put the card in slot 3 of the Soft Apple.
Do I something wrong.


Questions about European Apple IIe

Hi all. Picked up two Apple IIe machines and a Mac LC that are European versions. The IIe machines are both PAL video with the Aux slot in line with slot#3 and have 230/240volt PSUs. I will post pictures when I am home this evening or tomorrow morning (sorry, looked at them before I left for work this morning and realized what I had but no time to photograph)

My first couple questions are:

Who has the oldest Apple II by s/n

Mine was purchased 1978 and is A2S1-3465

NOT FOUND: attached_image_#

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