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Are low SN Apple 2 drives rare?


Stellation Two "THE MILL" 6809 card OS/9 Disk Convert Tool


recently I spent some time dissecting the file structure of Stellation Two "THE MILL" 6809 card OS/9 disks and I came up with a pretty clear picture of how the OS9 RBF file system has been implemented on the Apple II.

Do chips just die???

Hi All

Was writing floppys last night (after figuring out how to use adtpro audio) on apple iie. All was going well. Wrote several of the discs i need , disc utilities etc etc

then half way through a disc write the machine just froze.

did a reset - nothing just a screen of lines.

Today i started swapping chips with good iie. The cpu was dead.

Snazzy duds in 1982 - did you guys WEAR this stuff??

When I bought a ton of Apple II stuff from a great fellow over Christmas, I was also given a stack of "Popular Computing" magazines that contain, and I say this with no fear of exaggeration, the MOST hilarious clothing in the history of humanity.

I mean, I'm sure, at the time, these were considered the LATEST in haute couture fashion, but wow, this stuff is wonderfully awful now!!

Monitor III display problem, please help

I am trying to use my old monitor III (I am original owner) with my apple II plus. The monitor displays just a single line in the middle as pictured in the attachment. It does this plugged into the computer or not. None of the external adjustments do anything. Any ideas would be appreciated. Thanks

Need some help with my Uthernet II

Just got my Uthernet II, and adt pro is not playing nice with it. 2.0.1 gives me a config error and does not work, 2.0.2 just plain hangs when you load the Ethernet program and does not work. So i'm going to need some help here. Any suggestions? Undecided

Strange apple ii / hacked / AIO machine

Strange Apple/hack/AIO find in Ireland

new acquisition - #00991

ok so I probably should have said a2s2 00991 in the

Odd machine. This is the lowest a2s2 (plus) I have come across. Has a raised power key kb. The serial number would seem to indicate approx. 2nd or 3d week of production of the Apple II plus.

Unusual. Didn't have a power supply, so I can't play...yet.


A little help needed with repairing a ComputerEyes digitizer.

I've got one of the original ComputerEyes digitizers. The black box model with a 16pin ribbon cable, 2 knobs, and a composite input. This one here:

It has a blown chip that I'm not able to identify positively. I believe it to be a 556 but want positive ID before I go playing around. Other parts might be bad too. But, one step at a time.

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