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A Vulcan Control Card to CFFA Conversion. Possible?

After further review I thought that this discussion deserves it's own thread.

I originally placed this link in the "This Is Laughable" thread:

This was mainly due to the price for the card alone and part of the item description:

Ham Radio KPC-3

I hope there are some hams reading/posting here.

I have a KPC-3 TNC. I'd like to able to use it with my Apple IIgs. I have ProTerm and ZLink and a IIgs serial modem cable to connect the GS to the TNC. I can't seem to get the terminal programs set up properly.

Does anyone have any hints?

Can't ls with

When using the command-line 'ftp' program and logging into Asimov as anonymous, I cannot list any directories. However, web browsers and Filezilla work fine. Why?

Integer BASIC to Applesoft BASIC

I can't find any guides online about the differences between Integer BASIC and Applesoft BASIC, are there any major differences that I should be aware about? Especially about the screen in GR mode.

Is the Integer BASIC IF statement programmed so that it will only execute the part after the THEN as it is stated but the rest of the line is executed regardless?


Apple II 220V PSU Refurb

I acquired, and am refurbushing a 1980 Apple II Europlus. It's been in storage since 1990. I fired it up, and there was smoke, fizzle and bad smells...

Integer BASIC on Apple IIe via tape?

Apple integer BASIC from tape?

Serial Cable Source

Does anyone know of a source for a IIGS serial (modem) cable?

RAM card choices?

8mb DMA compatibility cause any issues?

Files from ProDOS disk to 3.3 disk

I have a IIGS with 2 3.5 drives and 2 5.25 drives and a 2.5 meg RAM card. MY 6.0.1 has about 7K left and does not have the DOS 3.3 FST. I have a ProDOS Utilities disk a DOS 3.3 Utilities disk, both 5.25 disks. I have ShrinkIt (GSOS), 8 bit ShrinkIt, Copy II+ 7.1 and 7.2.

I plan to transfer asimov.shk to a 3.5 disk and expand the archive.

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