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Are the painted Apple II+s smooth underneath?

I have a II+ with paint in several that looks like it's about to chip away. There are also some other areas where the previous owner drilled holes into it and it's generally in a sorry state.

So I'm thinking of stripping, filling the holes and repainting it.

Would that require any type of special paint to keep the textured surface, or is that how the plastic is already moulded underneath?

Are there fake A2 serial number labels?

Interesting finds on ebay

disk II broken due to mis connection on controller

I was wrong when I connected my disk II to the controller board

row 2-4-6...20 was connected on row 1-3-5...19

any idea of way may have burn ?

the 74LS125 is dead, exploded, I changed it

then engine is turning, and I hear a bump, so I guess the stepper is working

connection realized with my error
gnd 1 2 stepper 0 ok
gnd 3 4 stepper 1 ok
gnd 5 6 stepper 2 ok
gnd 7 8 stepper 3 ok
-12 9 10 wrreq burnt ?
+5 11 12 +5 ok
+12 13 14 drven burnt ?
+12 15 16 rddata burnt ?
+12 17 18 wrdata burnt ?
+12 19 20 wrprot burnt ?

any idea of the conponent that burnt in this case ?


Apple //c VGA Adapter

Just in case people on the board are not aware, Nishida Radio just came out with a VGA Adapter for the Apple //c and //c plus, it works great (I have one) and the price is sensible.
I'm not affiliated but am a happy customer. Smile


Rev 7 board rehab

So I got that Rev 7 board with all the missing sockets and am about to attempt to restore it. I am wondering if anyone knows of a source for correct sockets.. or if I should just make do with the generic new ic sockets I have kicking around?

Epson APL B printer interface

Are there any informations / Manuals about the Epson APL B printer interface card? I am a beginner in matters Apple IIe and i want to know how that card works and which printers ( only certain Epsons? ) are compatible to that card.

Disk II read error on track 34

I have a Disk II, after a lot of cleaning, I have a disk II reading/writing the floppy disk

but I have some read error on track 34, it's not a bad floppy disk (the problem occurs on almost
all my disks)

I've adjusted the speed, it was a bit slow

but know I have no idea,
occasionally it works and read the entire disk...

but most often it fails on the last track

any idea of what I should to to solve this problem ?


Having such a difficult time with this power supply dilemma

Bought a Thermaltake TR2 W0070 430W ATX12V v2.3 Power Supply today from best buy.

Do ][ //e parallel printer cards have any use, aside from printers?

I never plan to use my machines to print stuff, and it seems the parallel cards have very little monetary value, so I was wondering if there are any cool things you can do with them?

If not, I'll just remove it and wish it was a serial card instead Smile

Keyboard Strobe Addresse(s)

Difference between Apple II models in clearing the key waiting flag

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