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There is a ZIP CHIP in this configuration on ebay...

ZIP 4MHz, and a 3.5" FDD with controller and RAMWORKS III...Is this laser FDD with an 800K capacity? Is this a TTL components equivalent of the UDC controller?

Uthernet II Taking Pre-Orders!

Good Morning All,

I received an A2retrosystems email about the Uthernet II pre-order.

I just reserved myself two new Uthernet II cards at $59.00 each.

What A Bargain!

Here is the link to order:

Steven Smile

My new Apple II; A2S1-11029; Euromod

I have recently acquired an Apple II Euromod. It has a rev. 4 main board and was produced around late 1979.


Cosmos Screen Mixer

This allows a normal Apple II or II plus to display 560x192 DHGR with the use of both HGR pages at the same time.
Cosmos Screen Mixer

Is this ZIP CHIP an 8MHz FAKE?

If you look at the screen of the 3rd picture in this listing

You'll see on the top ZIPCHIP II-4 title. Does this mean that this is a relabeled 4MHz zip chip? I concluded so and asked the seller to cancel the transaction despite I won this auction.
He relisted the item and removed those screenshots...

Apple II+ machines; more specifically the darth vader, bell and Howell II plus.

Low production number bell and Howell. Questionable difference.

Raised Power Light Switch Help Needed!

Hello, I'm trying to repair the original keyboard for my Apple II. One problem is I don't have the right key-switch for the raised power light. The one that I have does not give it enough height. I figure that I'm not going to find one of those anytime soon. I have the correct raised power key, just not the correct switch.

Bit 3 Computer Full-View 80 Column Card

Hey all, trying to find some instructions/manual for the Full-View 80 card by Bit 3 Computer Corp.

I've found some references online to the card but cannot find anything to help me use it.

Some of the standard Sup 'R' Terminal and Video/Ultra Term commands work (Ctrl-A lowercase toggle, some ESC and CTRL key commands)

Z80 softcard- able to run at 7mhz/ faster than stock?

Increased clock on z80 card??

Another Apple II on eBay

This one has a motherboard date of 8009, and is serial number 62385.

Just listed, so far price is $499.00

Does have the Integer chips, but no interface cards or drives.


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