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Apple IIc internal disk drive


I just purchased a Apple IIc.

Everything seems to work well.

I tried the Apex II Apple II diagnostic from Asimov. Every test was successful - but the Disk PROM controller test was not.

I tried about 25 different disks and all are booting and working without problems.

So the question:

Apple IIe Platinum getting RAM error when Disk II card inserted

I could really use some help with this IIe Platinum that I received as a donation since it was displaying garbage on the screen. I swapped the 6502 chip with an older IIe (which I hope is okay for testing. I also noticed the existing chip just says 6502 making me wonder if this was a donor board).

Apple IIGS Documentation

There are a few places on the internet
in which you can obtain the schematic for
the IIGS. (ASIMOV, etc)

This is not published in any IIGS that
I currently have find and it is leaving me
with questions.

I would like to find out the abbreviations
/terminology on the schematics of the chips
so I can trace the individual lines.

I would like also to compare ROM01 and ROM3.

Did Apple do this on purpose as it used more
inhouse custom chips as not to have information
readily available?

As the schematics are available, surely there
must be other documentation to go with it.

Apple ][+ clone PAL to NTSC modification?

Hi all,
I recently came into possession of a Unitron U2000 Apple II+ clone, partially modified for PAL video output. Of the various screens I've tried only my Samsung TV can successfully lock onto its monochrome signal, and then only after careful tweaking of the video pots on the motherboard.

My Apple //e Platinum Build Out (rebuild)

I recently bought an Apple //e Platinum from a local seller I found on eBay. I got the Computer itself w/ 64k/80col card and floppy controller, one floppy drive and the Apple composite monitor. Condition over all was good. I took it home and clean it up some and did some research on upgrades and improvements.

Things to consider when looking for an Apple II (not plus)

Im thinking of getting an Apple II and would love to hear what you have to say when looking for one. Things to consider before buying. Doesn't need to be an early model just as along as its an Apple II.

Also the price, how much are you willing to pay.

Apple IIC Power Issue

I have an old Apple IIc I am restoring. When I turn off the power, the memory does not clear for more than a minute. That is, I can turn it back on, and be back where I left it. I even tried unplugging the brick from the back of the IIc, but to no effect. So whatever is happening must be internal. Is this a known issue?

Looking for replacement IIe keyboard keys and keyswitches

Hi guys,

I have an Apple IIe with the keyboard that has white lettering. Well, it was shipped improperly and several keys broke off and were lost.

I wonder if anyone could either spare an old white-font keyboard they might have with different missing keys than mine so I can make one working?

Apple RCA PCB jack

Apple PCB RCA Jacks

Apple //e Restored playing Wings of Fury

So I got my machine about 90% setup I had WoF working and playing this evening, now I did not do so well, but with a little practice I bet I can get the old MoJo back.

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