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//c 74LS161 TTL to Oscillator fix

Has anyone ever had any luck 'upgrading' their 255 Apple //c with the dodgy TTL serial timing chip to use an oscillator instead? I've seen this mod mentioned elsewhere but no firm details.

ADTPro - Super Serial Card


I've got a Super Serial Card, and I'm having trouble with it. I went on the ADTPro website, set the jumper block to down(straight through cable).

Then I set the DIP switches to as shown in the photo on their site. 1001111 1101100.

I've tried the following in slots 1,2,4,6. All yield the same result. Also, Slot 6 was where my floppy controller was, so I know that slot is OK.

Goodwill Find

Look what I found at my Goodwill store for $28.00!!!


Is this available to read or does
someone have it.

All about DOS by Call Apple.

I have checked their website and
it does not appear to be there.
I do now know if it is an official
publication but I am interested
in learning more about DOS and
how to modify your own DOS.
As I was inspired by reading
Beneath Apple DOS.

Prometheus ProModem interesting dual card

What is the purpose of the second interconnected card in another slot but also connected to the modem card via the ribbon cable in this auction

I guess it could be something like an answering machine...

Is computer preservation aesthetic? (Large pictures)

I've recently been digging inside an older Disk ][ drive in a (perhaps vain) attempt to repair some niggling bugs. Those that have looked at my other thread will have seen what's up.

Disk II rainbow cable, false write protect and other problems

Having some issues with an older Disk II unit, rainbow ribbon cable.

Problem 1: No matter what disk I use in the drive, MECC Computer Inspector says that the write protect switch is down.

Beyond Castle Wolfenstein

According to wikipedia -

The source code for this was released after his passing.

I have checked in
various sections and cannot find it other than the
game .dsk.

Does anyone know where this is?
And also, does this include Castle Wolfenstein?

Interesting Device #4

Seems like Ian Kim has created a new winner.

Look here.

Has anyone tried it out yet?

Sorry if my last two posts are old news. Been away from my Apple stuff for a while.

Interesting Device #3

Anyone have one of:

These ?

What can be said about it?

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