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The broken II Plus

I got a broken II Plus and need help.

Disk II interface Card

Disk II interface problems

Does Anybody have the 48K & 128K versions Of Tetris By Spectrum Holobyte

Does anybody have the Apple IIe/IIc versions of tetris by Spectrum Holobyte?

Repairing the Apple iigs keyboard key switches

The Apple iigs keyboard model A9M0330 key switch is comprised of several pieces. Three of which you can see on the outside and four you can see on the inside. Like the Apple iie key switch, the metal contacts fit inside slots which are located on the upper plastic piece. These are those contacts which when in contact together make a connection on the board where the switch is soldered onto.

Apple IIe monochrome output

Hello! I have Apple IIe platinum International NTSC. But it works in monochrome mode. In PAL.
Can I switch it to color mode? My TV supports both NTSC and PAL.

Strange Apple iigs motherboard problem

Hey guys,

I have a strange problem with one of my Apple iigs computers.

When I do the self test, it says "System Good".


The self-test goes a bit too fast.

And the sound is messed up somehow.

Vertical lines at boot


Apple //c Rom 3 problem

Hi, so here is the problem. when i turn on the computer the 5.25 floppy drive will not spin at all. when i disconnect it from the board and connect my SDfloppy2 device the system will boot and play the emulation. The floppy drive does work as i connect it to my other a2 system and it boots and runs programs. any solutions? thanks.

Another II+

Saved from the dumpster! (no kidding)

Apple iigs power supply question #3

I am in trouble.

Can anyone help me?

Some of the capacitors are extremely hard to remove because there is a ton of glue on top and around them.

In removing one of them, I stretched the wires in component L7.

I don't know what this thing is because I cannot identify the symbol under it.

I don't know how to test it.

I don't know if this thing has a polarity.

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