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Apple II Plus No Cursor

Hi. I have an Apple II Plus. When I turn it on, there is no cursor. On the willegal site, it shows:

No cursor .1uf above 555 B8

Is that a capacitor? What/where is 555 B8?

Thank you.

Apple II carry bag with bite vs no bite...

So I've seen bags with and without the bite.

Does anyone know when they transitioned to the bite? When did they stop making the bag?

Can't find many details about it other than early Apple II had no bite if you bought the bag.


McT SpeedDemon Apple II Accelerator

Hey there, was wondering if anyone has any documentation/software for the McT SpeedDemon.


SCSI Disk on IIGS without SCSI card

/// and floppy disk replacement

/// and SD card reader?

LEGO's first programmable product (4.5V Technic Control Center and the Interface A)

If you ever wanted to do old school LEGO Robotics with the Apple II then let me tell you that it's not all that difficult to setup.

Check out my blog :-

It covers what to do and where to get it.

Microsoft SoftCard + cp/m 2.2 + CFFA3000

cp/m works without any problem from the CFFA3000 by assigning the disk image to the DiskII emulation (Slot 6)

is there any way to attach some cp/m disk to the smartport and use them from cp/m

any idea ?


Another Spartan Mimic on ebay

Not mine, not affiliated, but thought some would be interested:

Add interlace video to Apple ///

One of the new features of the Apple III Plus was an interlaced video mode, controlled by a switch added to the outside of the case. Apparently, Apple offered this feature is an upgrade to existing Apple threes, but it's not clear what the upgrade consists of.

My question is: can this feature be easily added to an existing nonplus Apple III?

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