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Humorous serial number in //c I'm restoring.


The drive is working well after a thorough cleaning.

II+ serial numbers

Question for those in the know.. I was under the impression A2+ serials *were* fairly consistent. I had been under the understanding that the 2+ started out more or less at A2S2-0001 kind of and went up from there. Along the way, the serial number labels changed from the smallet darker green to the lighter green with the dot matrix style numbers. My 2+ has the latter with a serial in the 500,000s.

Yet here I am presented with an A2+ that has the old style sticker, but a seven digit serial.. 1400000ish. Does this suggest a2+ serials were not consecutive? This 2+ also has the older silver power supply. Wondering if its a misprint.

Apple iigs disks

Can someone tell me what disks originally shipped with the Apple iigs? The manual mentions a "training disk". No operating system...?

Apple II Foil tab keyboard (again)

Hey guys,

So summer is over and I'm back to my other expensive hobby. I'm trying desperately to revive this II+ foil tab keyboard I have, but seem to be getting nowhere. I think what I am lacking is an understanding in the principle of the thing, how it's supposed to work, how different characters are generated, etc.

Fixing Disk II Analog Card (600-0038), Won't Write/Format

I have a Disk II drive that reads well enough, but doesn't write and I can't format disks. I've checked the write protect switch, and I've read up on adjusting the speed of the drive via the potentiometers at R21 and R33... except my analog card does not have those potentiometers. The documentation I read suggested in that case that the analog card be replaced. Fair enough... but...

Chirp, Chirp, Chirp....

It's so quiet in this forum.......


READ command query

Hi. This is me seeking code help again. I do usually look in manuals (which are vague and rarely provide examples). Then I try to backwards engineer other programs. Then I try to create my own small routines.


The READ command.

Transferring Files/Prgs to CFFA 2.0 card?? HOW

Hello ..I must be butt stupid but.... Embarrassed just started using my CFFA card I bought In 2006 And I can't seem to find anything on HOW to transfer files to the CF card from My laptop.. I have the CFFA setup and formatted and boots from slot 7 on my APPLE IIE and GS .. Since the Laptop does not recognize the CF card .. how can I load the card with Programs? I must be overlooking something... Mike

Is the lamp in the power switch of the kensington //e system saver replaceable?

It looks to me it can't be replaced since the switch itself cannot be disassembled but just in case I decided to ask here too. Thank you.

SIDER II Terminator and Troubleshooting Questions

Hello.. With A bunch of Apple Stuff I got A SIDER II hard drive and Card..When I initially tested it it worked fine.. but as I was working with it the drive itself became unplugged. After restarting the Apple IIe and drive .. Now It dosn't boot I tried the Installation Process and the card seems to pass but it says the drive failed to start up fast enough..

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