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Apple //e DHGR issue

Hi to all !

I'm currently restoring a PAL Apple //e motherboard ref 802-0073-B.
It was modified at some point to be //c enhanced (65C05 with modified ROMs and extra wires).

I revert all the modifications and it works great except while displaying DHGR screens : there are verical lines.
Here are the screenshots.

All the IC seems okay (MMU and IOU are okay with another motherboard). I'm pretty sure it's a missing or bad connection.
I do have checked all the connections to the RAM (Figures 3.9 and 5.2 in Understanding the Apple //e). All good.

Any ideas ?

Thanks a lot.

Apple //c repeating character issue

I haven't used my //c in a few weeks, and tonight I've booted up and immediately hit an issue. While it will boot normally, a space character will keep repeating over and over, and the computer will not accept any other key strokes.

ID a part on the Apple II Video Overlay Card?

I've got a cracked L3 on a video overlay card. Actually 3 cards with this same part cracked in the same way. It's the tan colored blobber-job thing immediately left of the square Motorola thing.

The markings are:
SDL - 4105
TDK - y

Anyone know of a source to get this from? Not had any luck finding it yet, and I fear its a long obsolete part.

Proterm and VT100

Im trying to decide whats going on here. My whole reason for moving to proterm 3.1 was that 2.1 seemed incapable of displaying VT100 correctly

Clearly my the codes are getting out there, as youll see below. whats the point of terminal emulation if it wont emulate? The only other possibility is that what linux is sending out is in fact not vt100

Help to identify a card

NOT FOUND: attached_image_#Hello,

I have just picked an old Apple II EUROPLUS. Inside, I have discovered the usual cards except one which I don't recognize. Does someone know which card it is?

NOT FOUND: attached_image_#
Thank you

If you're a gamer

Came across this site recently. It
has an Apple ][ section for those who
are interested.

Uthernet Network Printer

I know it is possible to use a printer in the network via uthernet with a IIgs - but is there a possibility to do this with a IIe or II+ also ?

And now for something completely different, IIe connect to linux and perl TCP over 1200baud packet radio

And now for something completely different, IIe connect to linux and perl TCP over 1200baud packet radio

Issue with Proterm 3.1 doesnt display input from modem

So I made a movie to better describe the issue , modem works fine with proterm 2.1 but not with proterm 3.1 with the same settings

WTB or get Proterm 3.1 (1998 version)

I want to get the 1998 version of ProTerm 3.1

Yup, I'm a "registered" owner in that I have the original disks and box and reference materials that I purchased many years back. I can provide proof of ownership too.

Is there a way to get this final 1998 version somehow?

There are some highspeed patches that only work on the Jul-5-1998 version.

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