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Trying to solve II keyboard mystery

As I wrote previously, I discovered clear evidence that the keyboard in my Rev 04 ought to have a raised square power light rather than the earlier power key. I believe the raised square piece is the same piece used in the flush mounted II+ configuration, just mounted a bit higher? I was wondering if anyone had a picture of a raised square keyboard showing what the power cap is mounted on.

Rev 02 video position

After a week of cleaning keys, reseating chips and all that, I finally have a fully working Rev 02! Except one thing -- when I first power the computer on, the video is vertically in the wrong position.. like the whole thing is moved down two lines or so, so the Apple ][ logo is lower than it should be, and you can't see anything when you get to the bottom lines as you type.

Apple II/II+ Power Lights...

I have the Apple II registry up and running and ran into some different power light configurations, and wanted to ask the community.

One of my "flush" power light machines has no "power" embossed or printed on it. I thought maybe someone cleaned it off years ago, but I see no trace of it. I noticed another II+ on eBay with the same "issue". (

Is this just a variant? It appears so. The keyboard is definately not after-market, as far as I can tell.


Rev 04 Opinion question

Trying to decide, in light of my new Rev 02 ownership, what to do with my Rev 04. Looking for some highly subjective opinions.

Apple IIgs and HFS partitions

This is probably a bit of noob here, but I discovered I could run programs off an HFS partition!

Is this an unwise practice? Or perfectly ok?

(Using a microdrive here)

Apple IIc RAM Repair

So I've got a IIc here, starts up with random characters on screen and the built in self test throws out RAM ZP 01000000. I went ahead and replaced RAM #MRD6 and now it shows RAM 00100000. I found this strange and piggybacked MRD5, resulted in RAM ZP 10000000 (MRD7), piggybacked that one too and it just goes up the ladder into the auxiliary bank with *RAM 0.... .

Any suggestions? Should I suspect the MMU?

Assembly tutorial

I'm not looking to do anything specific, but does anyone have a recommendation for an easy-to-understand beginners guide to assembly on the Apple ][ series?

Waiting for my cffa

I need distraction from compulsively checking the shipping status page.
what's your fav apple 2 or GS time killer ?

inexpensive FPGA-based 6502 CPU replacement and Disk II emulator

A few weeks ago, I went looking for an in-circuit emulator/debugger for my trusty old Apple II and stumbled across a project called "ICE-T65"

The hardware is a small FPGA mounted on a 40-pin board that has a similar form-factor to a 6502 processor, and with the right software, can be used as a pin-compatible, plug-in replacement for a 6502. Installation is as simple as popping out the CPU and putting this board in it's place.

My goal then became to add a virtual Disk II interface into the FPGA code. Initially, I was thinking of using an SD card for backing store, but then decided it would be more flexible if I added a network interface and allowed it to boot disk images over the network. (i.e. you can use this to boot a real physical Apple II from a disk image hosted on a web site)

Apple II Serial Number Registry

Hi guys,

Triggered by a conversation in another recent thread, I have thrown together an Apple II serial registry page. I was able to modify my popular C64 registry without too much trouble.

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