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Apple /// Repair Help Needed

I recently bought an Apple /// (256k model), Monitor ///, Disk /// external drive, manuals, and software. All of the units are cosmetically in amazing condition (no yellowing, no keys missing, etc). However, the /// itself doesn't work. What's strange is when I first turned it on, the computer started perfectly (it said something on the screen, maybe "retry"? I can't remember).

AppleWorks Question

I am trying to boot up AppleWorks. This is from copies I made of originals in 1985, so I think it is version 1.3 maybe. After the Startup disk, I put in the Program disk. I get the message:

Your copy of the AppleWorks PROGRAM disk must be in drive 1. The write-protect notch must be uncovered.

The copy has a notch on the side.

The system is:
enhanced Apple //e
AE RamWorks III

ADTPro Virtual Serial function

I have had problems with this program, so I would like to try what is described as the, "Virtual Serial over IP" function as described here:


I have a ROM 01 IIGS with a scsi card installed and connected to an external SCSI HD. I got a hold of a SCSI CD-ROM and connected it to the HD. I installed a terminator block
on the CD drive after connecting it to HD. Now the computer is behaving oddly. Sometimes it boots but almost just hangs up---frozen. The HD is the boot drive. I guess I don't know
much about SCSI. Any help would be appreciated.

Understanding the Apple II mass storage

I've been contemplating my options regarding hard drives for my Apple IIGS. There are quite a few alternatives available and the CFFA3000 and Focus IDE seem to be the most popular.

Using peripheral connector I/O SELECT or DEVICE SELECT

I am working on an FPGA-based peripheral card for Apple II (currently tested in a IIe). This board in its current state works as expected but I wanted to add some I/O control to turn on and off features, so I decided that the DEVICE SELECT signal was the best choice. However it seems like I cannot activate the DEVICE SELECT signal!

Rev. 0 Apple II troubleshooting

Need some help troubleshooting a later (dark green slot connectors, etc) Rev. 0 Apple II

IIgs CPU selection

I have a IIgs ROM 01 that I would like to use, but it is missing a CPU. I found something that may be compatible at mouser. Any reason why this wouldn't work? Thanks!!

Found a Bell and Howell II Plus in it's box, practically new looking!

Barn fresh! just found this awesome Bell and Howell!

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