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Apple //c z-80c / Softcard

How rare are these?

I stumbled on some information a week or so ago about a Centech z80 card for the //c, but since then can't find anything.

Do such cards come up for sale regularly anywhere, or are they mostly unobtanium? I know there's also an Applied Engineering one.


Apple II Disk Drive Technical Specs Site

Howdy All,

I feel Kind of Stupid this evening.
I went searching for the website that
lists all the different Apple Disk Drives
and their specs.
Does anyone remember the website?


Steven Smile

nude ZipChip

Meet the ZipChip in the nude!

Apple II connects with a mobile to a BBS

Here you can see my Apple IIe using a mobile as a modem to connect to a bbs.

Help needed with TCPSER and IIGS

I'm having a hell of a time trying to get my IIGS to communicate with TCPSER running on a Raspberry Pi. Desperate for assistance.

IIgs GSOS 6.0.1 Assistance

Good Evening All,

It seems that I am in need of some assistance.

Can anyone make a copy of GSOS 6.0.1 on 3.5" disks
and send it to me?

I will gladly pay for your time, the disks, and
the shipping.

I have been working on one of my IIgs machines
and was getting ready to make a new CFFA Card for it.
I thought I knew where I had placed my set of disks,

RAM Apple IIe

I have an Apple IIe working on my personal museum. I leaved inactive for a year and now can't load DOS or ProDOS. The computer starts and stops with an indication 00DC- A=27 X=03 Y=FF P=35 S=P9. I suspect that a IC of ram is out. Can someone help me?

Full Apple iie diagnostic.


Is there a way to perform a diagnostic on an Apple iie so that we can be sure 100% that the motherboard is working?

Apple II monitor drops image shows again after power off / on


I've bought an Apple II monitor (A2M2010) to replace my Apple III monitor.

When I turn it on it shows image but after 30 secs / 1 min. the screen goes dark. When I turn off the monitor and turn it on again the image shows again for 30 sec / 1 min.

Any idea what could cause this and how to fix it?

Thanks very much,

Apple II VGA adapter card

It's been a while since ...

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