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How best to clean an Apple ][+ keyboard


I'm trying to clean an Apple II+ keyboard. All the keys are working, but it's supper dusty under the keys and there are a few cobwebs. What's the best way to clean it?


Apple III - mouse dropping on motherboard !!! HELP

I got a A3 to restore. I pulled the motherboard out and it has a lot mouse pee and little pellets all though the center part of the board. No nest though.
How best to clean???

FYI - Problem with IIe

Continual CRs when booting IIe.

Super Serial Ethernet Card

Finally working...

More Disk ][ Troubles

Neither of my Disk ][ drives will read any disks. I've had this problem before; replacement of the 74LS125 on the analog card solved it then. I tried a similar thing today, but the problem persisted.

For what it's worth, I noticed that the impedances of Drive 2's head are higher than they should be according to Sams Computerfacts.


The Apple III owner's guide includes a schematic but
the Apple Color Composite and Apple Color RGB do not.
Purposeful left out?
Does anyone know if there are schematics for these

I have looked at

and they are not there.

ProDOS 2.4.2 - Bitsy Boot - how to switch to 80 character mode

Not sure everybody has seen the last announcement regarding ProDOS 2.4.x

anyhow... I'm not able to switch to the 80 character mode... as the system always booting the Bitsy.boot file...

Apple II Plus No Video, No Beep, but Power Light On

I recently bought a working Apple II Plus from eBay and it worked great. However, a few hours later I pulled the top off while it was on, and the video signal cut out. I turned it off and back on again and now only the power light comes on. No beep on boot or video output. Several Apple repair manuals I have found give a list of a few chips that may cause this exact issue.

Advice requested for repairing disk image on CFFA3000

The disk image that my BBS runs on (Dura Europos) has developed errors. I fear they may be the result of adding the Fast Chip IIe and upgrading to GBBS Pro v2.14, though I hope that is just a coincidence.

I ran Mr Fixit, but it doesn't touch the errors. I want to replace the .po disk image with a clean one, but so far I have failed.

Here is what I tried:

Before it goes on eBay

Wildcard 2

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