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Having such a difficult time with this power supply dilemma

Bought a Thermaltake TR2 W0070 430W ATX12V v2.3 Power Supply today from best buy.

Do ][ //e parallel printer cards have any use, aside from printers?

I never plan to use my machines to print stuff, and it seems the parallel cards have very little monetary value, so I was wondering if there are any cool things you can do with them?

If not, I'll just remove it and wish it was a serial card instead Smile

Keyboard Strobe Addresse(s)

Difference between Apple II models in clearing the key waiting flag

Apple IIc power adapter

Hi all. Can anyone tell me the specs for the cable that runs from the IIc's external power adapter to the computer? Thanks.

Looking for a copy of Oregon Trail that works on CFFA3000

I'm looking for an image file set for Oregon Trail from the learning company. I have found sequels and the text based one on Asimov, but can't seem to find one that works with the CFFA, just Apple II emulators.

Also if anyone knows where to get Reader Rabbit for CFFA that would be cool.

MESS Apple /// emulation released

Apple /// forever?

Early Apple II

A Historical Significant Unit

Applre 2 in unusual case - information wanted

Hi there folks,
i have sold an apple computer to an collector in Japanvery well, but been mobbed therefore.
The Apple 11 was in deed an Apple II which is in german the same as i guess.
They in this german forums told me i was an offender through the price i have mentioned.
Could you all the famous and well informed people here, if i have made a mistake and probably accepted to much money from this buyer.
I will send the links to this german forums an all the photos of this uncommon Aple i have sold if this is allowed in your form

Best regards

Lowercase Strings

Why do lowercase BASIC strings convert to garbage on the Apple II and II+?

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