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Who here is going to VCF East 2017?

We have a big Apple II exhibit going on.

Besides the normal exhibitors, we have special teams for Apple, Commodore and TRS80 who have been coordinating large exhibitions.

Show your Apple support!!!!

As always I'll be bringing some interesting Apple historical items... Stop by and say high...


HyperStudio Apple II ii with microphone! Vintage Rare Roger Wagner on ebay

HyperStudio Hyper Studio by Roger Wagner Publishing, Inc. This sale includes all the pictured disks and Manuals and the Microphone, too. This a a very rare item. Get it while you can... As about complete as you may find anywhere. The microphone is untested but appears to be in excellent condition. Apple ii ll We use PayPal exclusively S/H varies as to location Thanks for looking! ends soon!

What is DHGR really capable of? Not content with existing A2 graphic converters?

Hi All,

I've spent the last few months trying to see what Double High Resolution Graphics (DHGR) is really capable of. It's a work in progress but the results look promising.



Game I/O port issues

Any game I try to play with joystick support seems to be stuck in one position regardless if the joystick is plugged in or not.


On the theme of BASIC I happened to find this.
An Apple II emulator for the Nintendo DS.

It's not new, but interesting none the less.

Here's the link

VCF East XII -- Just 10 days away!

Friendly reminder that Vintage Computer Festival East XII is only 10 days away! March 31-April 2 in New Jersey. Two hands-on exhibit halls, a dozen tech talks, three keynotes, consignment sale, and you can visit the year-round Vintage Computer Federation museum while you're here.

ImageWriter Emulation

The Children's Writing & Publishing Center: Any testers for this software under Virtual II on Mac OS X? Specifically printing? Springboard Certificate Maker, too.


This game has struck me as being an oddity.

I remember it being it in Hi-Res.
Which it is isn't?

Upon close inspection I noticed that it has
purple borders.(Assuming you have a colour
monitor or TV. Sorry for those that do not)
This is not Hi-Res, but Lo-Res.

How do you get Hi-Res and Lo-Res on the
screen at once?

C056 - select Lo-Res
C057 - select Hi-Res
C054 - Hi-Res Page 1
C055 - Hi-Res Page 2
C053 - Mixed Mode - Hi-Res/Text Mode ONN

Apple Communication Interface Card 670-X003

I am trying to put together a era appropriate display for something and find I need an Apple Communication Interface card 670-X003.

Failing this, does anyone once the manual that they can scan the schematic for me?? I would be greatly indebted if someone could do this for me.


ps: If anyone has the card laying around gathering dust ... Smile

Recommendation for a cool colour Apple II demo

I need something self running.

I am planning on showing at VCF east the differences between a rev-0 Apple II and a rev-4 as part of my exhibit.

I am about finished completely rebuilding two identical Sony KV9200 trinitron TVs from the mid 1970's

Now all that is left is to decide on what to display.

Any suggestions????


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