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VCF repair/maintanence presentations posted (in PDF)

Hi Folks,

I just added the presentations (in PDF format) for a couple of maintenance/repair talks that I made at VCF east during the last couple of years to my Apple II repair pages. There seems to be an increasing number of threads about repairing systems and I figured it might help someone.

Apple II mouse schematics...

Where can I found the schematic of the 9-pin apple2 mouse? The same type of mouse was used as you know in early macs, too...Thank you.

CP/M Suggestions

So I'm always trying to find new things to do with my Apple II. I was talking with a friend about the Microsoft Softcard and I figured it was time I started to explore CP/M. My question is this - Is the MS Softcard good enough for a solid CP/M experience? Anyone have any experience with a CP/M native machine (preference?) Emulator suggestions?


Apple iigs power supply problem

I've got an Apple iigs power supply Model number 699-0126. The voltages coming out of it are low. I have two others which are completely non functional. I suppose I might be able to use some parts from those to fix this one but I don't know what parts commonly fail on these particular power supplies.

Any ideas?

Capturing Apple II video with a modern computer

So I want to make some screen videos of he Apple II screens. Don't want to use an emulator or have a camera.

The challenge is how off the Apple II color video is from real NTSC. There is no guarantee a Composite to USB adapter will pickup the color image. Has anyone had any luck with a specific model or brand. I'm looking for one that is OSX compatible since I have a Mac.


Help! I finally got me an Apple IIe!


I'm mainly a Commodore user (flame suit on!) but have always respected the Apple IIe and wanted one. Well, after 30+ years, I finally got one today. Very happy!

Faulty II Plus motherboard - Won't boot, garbage or nothing on screen

Greetings. If you've been following my previous thread (Apple II Plus Bad Memory/ROM? - The saga continues), you'll recall that I recently purchased an Apple II Plus motherboard with the intention of using it to replace the faulty motherboard I already had.

ADTPro "Garbage received from host"

This is less an Apple II specific question and more an ADTPro-related question. However, I figured this was the best place to post it.

HDD card recommendation. CFFA3000 is delayed for another year

On the heels of the email that just went out about the cffa300 being delayed for another year, I was wondering what people thought of the HDD card at 16sector.

This would be going in the IIGS

your thoughts?


AE Datalink 2400 Dataterm software

Hey guys.

I am looking for the Applied Engineering software that came with the Datalink 2400 modem.

Specifically, the disk that says, "Dataterm and Online 64".

All I can find on the net is a program called, "Datalinker". That is not what I want.

The software is described here:

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