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Parallax Inc released a MegaROM for the Apple IIGS.
It attaches to the MegaRAM they also released.

Does anyone have one of these?
What ROMS did they release for it
and what do the ROMS do?

WiFi232 Modem

Hi guys,

anyone any experiences with this?

Seems interesting - more like a real peripheral for the Apple II - not like the Raspberry PI where the Apple II is reduced to a keyboard.

Especially beside the function of telnet to a BBS the use of websites could be interesting.


Who released many games for the Apple II

The Bilestoad
Cavern Creatures
Super Bunny
Mr. Robot and his Robot Factory

and many others.

They also published books.
I can find certain titles for the C64 and Atari
but for the Apple II none.

Has anyone got any of these books or seem them?

One of interest is

Apple Thesaurus by Aaron Filler.

Apple II Telepong

I was wondering if anyone has ever tried playing Telepong?

Anyone have a PDF of the Imagewriter technical manual

I'm trying to figure out how to send a bitmap from assembly language to be printed on an Imagewriter I




Microsoft Premium Softcard


I have this Microsoft Premium Softcard.

The 80 Col. mode seems to be ok with most of the programs.

But if I start the CPM Disk for this card, the coursor just switches into 80 Col. - nothing more possible.

I tried to start A2eDiagnostics - but nearly the same - the program starts - switches into 80 col. and then stops.

Thermal images of an Apple hardware

Thermal Image of an Apple //e platinum.

Strange keyboard adapter found in a custom //e

I have a custom //e case that uses a strange keyboard adapter. The adapter plugs into the keyboard rom socket and uses one pin of the keyboard controller. The keyboard rom and controller are not on the board anymore.

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