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IIc Disk Drive/IWM problems

Hey guys,


If you have a Commodore64 you
can run Applesoft Basic.

Here's the link

Linedoubler, Framedoubler and Upscaler for the Apple-Series.

i have been testing some devices for better viewing pleasure Wink of Apple II content. My first try was using one of the cheap GBS-8200 ...

Help with (hopefully not completely) fried Apple IIc

I recently plugged in my old IIc, which worked! Until it didn't. I'd love any debugging help I can muster.

Help with External disk drives with apple IIe LC card in a LC 575.

Hello all,

I have a LC575 which i have installed a Apple IIe PDS LC card. I replaced all the caps on the LC motherboard. I have also replaced the caps on the IIe LC card as well. They were leaking badly.
I have the card working. I can use adtpro and make new floppies using the 575's internal floppy.

Is this rare? Apple IIe/GS upgrade

Picked it up this morning at a Garage Sale... I'd never seen one before.

Thank you,

The GEnie Apple II forums at Mac GUI Vault

Mac GUI Vault now holds the Apple II GEnie and Delphi software and RoundTable archives

Apple Clone/IMC Jr System disks


I am looking for the System disks of an Apple II clone, the IMC Jr. This clone has both the 6502 and the Z80 CPU onboard. It was bundled with a dedicated CP/M version and an MS-DOS version.
Unfortunately, there is almost no information about this clone on the Internet. I hope that someone on this forum can help me.
NOT FOUND: attached_image_#

Thank you

RamCharger for RamFactor


I've got a RamFactor card, but what I've found is that it isn't particularly useful. However, if I had a RamCharger to keep the memory backed up, it would be very useful. However they are very hard to come by.

Interger Rom error

Error when installing working Integer Roms

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