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Apple //c+ composite video troubleshoot

No video from the composite

Problems with an Apple II clone named "Pluto", no color

My Apple II clone do not like to display color with a color monitor, I have a PAL encoder card, monitor is also a PAL version (Commodore 1084) - I get only grey levels.

What is this Apple IIe clone?

I recently got an Apple IIe clone. No matter it says "Pravetz 8" on the label, obviously this is not the case.
It boots with "Ready" and nothing more. It does not say "Apple IIe" ot "Pravetz" (Правец).
It has 64KB of RAM, lower and uppercase support, joystick and casette input/output. It does not support 80x25, but with an expansion card, it can.

The monitor is bulgarian, so it is not with its original display monitor.

Any comments are welcome.
You can view the attached pictures for details.

Thanks guys.


Help: CFFA3000 card

Apple IIgs, Rom 03, 4mb, cffa3000 in slot 7 (only card i have in the iigs).

Apple IIgs - what do I need

after following apple iigs sales for years I finally said screw it and ordered the one in my ebay post. Comes with two diskdrives, unknown to be working or not, no display cable and no software - lights up and bleeps when started apparently.

I got two problems I need to solve right away.

Apple IIc Display Question

Curious if the display output I am seeing is normal (or at least normal for how I have it connected)

I have my IIc connected to a plasma TV for now (trying to find someone selling a monitor //c for a reasonable price!) and I am getting a lot of pink and green color banding

Is this the side effect of a 30 year old composite output on a modern television?

Apple //c Drive Issues

Hi guys.

Trying to relive childhood and get an Apple //c back up and running. I have the system successfully bootstrapping from ADTPro, but I think there is an issue with my disk drive.

Interesting device...

Interesting device...

Considering a SCSI card for my IIgs

I'm considering picking up a SCSI card for my IIgs. I have a CFFA3000 so not sure I need it for HD but for some reason I'm considering it for a CD-ROM. However, I really don't remember much software coming out on CD. So other than the want factor... help me justify it... Smile


Unidisk and drive repairs. Info needed please.

I mentioned earlier that I purchases a pair of 5.25" unidiscs and a 3.5" drive. Is there a way to test and align these drives? I have no OS discs for the 2gs system and will have to bootstrap the system to create system discs I guess. I'll probably have to clean align the drives eventually. Can anyone recommend a site where I can find this info from? How hard is it to do?

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