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Unidisk and drive repairs. Info needed please.

I mentioned earlier that I purchases a pair of 5.25" unidiscs and a 3.5" drive. Is there a way to test and align these drives? I have no OS discs for the 2gs system and will have to bootstrap the system to create system discs I guess. I'll probably have to clean align the drives eventually. Can anyone recommend a site where I can find this info from? How hard is it to do?

Removing yellowing off of plastics

I managed to purchase a pair of 5.25" unidiscs and a 3.5' drive as well. The 5.25" drives look a little yellowish. Has anyone managed to clean and return their drives back to their original color?
I found this site: What have you guys found that works? Take the drive apart and pop the case into the dish washer?
I'm looking to clean them up as best I can.

Apple 2e Z80 Soft card


I have a Z80 Soft card .If I plug in the card in the Apple 2e.
Can not turn on the Apple.
The significance of the dip-switch does not know me too.
I put the card in slot 3 of the Soft Apple.
Do I something wrong.


Questions about European Apple IIe

Hi all. Picked up two Apple IIe machines and a Mac LC that are European versions. The IIe machines are both PAL video with the Aux slot in line with slot#3 and have 230/240volt PSUs. I will post pictures when I am home this evening or tomorrow morning (sorry, looked at them before I left for work this morning and realized what I had but no time to photograph)

My first couple questions are:

Who has the oldest Apple II by s/n

Mine was purchased 1978 and is A2S1-3465

NOT FOUND: attached_image_#

Transfer Text File from PC to Apple II

I would like to know how to tranfer a plain text file from a PC to an Apple //e.

Simple Program to write and read back memory on the 80col card

Does anyone have a write read program to check the memory on the expanded 80 column card. Im trying to isolate the artifacts on the screen in 80 column mode.

C library repository for Apple II

I was wondering if there was a repository for C headers for the Apple II.

Opinions of the value of this apple II

Hi all,

I have been asked to repair this apple II, prior to sale.

Apparently its on of the first units imported into Australia, its serial number is A2S1 6010, which makes it relatively early (as least in Australian history)

3.5" floppies. Can I use older PC formatted ones?

Just a question

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