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Early Apple II+ - Rev 3 board?

Hey all, just picked up this II+ and it is the earliest revision II+ I have ever had. Serial #4068.

It appears to me it is a Rev 3 board based on the photos (see attachments) and the research I have done, including this site and others.

What is a Fair Price for an Apple IIe?

So I want to get an Apple IIe system with floppy drive and monitor in working condition. Scratches, writing etc acceptable. I've done a little research on eBay and seen such systems sell from $80 to $1500 within the past 90 days. That is quite the spread.

Can I get some opinions on what a fair market value for the above would be?

Please note this is not a solicitation to purchase.

Apple ][GS newbie questions

Hi all,
A few months ago I got my very first Apple computer, a llgs!! I know nothing about Apples. I got the book 'The New Apple II Users Guide' and it is very helpful. My system is a ROM 3 with 2x 3.5" , & 1x 5.25" FDD's. The system powers up and says 'check system devices'. None of the 3.5" or 5.25" disks that came with it boot. I get the same message for each disk. I do not have a prodos, or gs/os disk. I would like both OS diskzs. I could not find 'real' disks on an ebay search (though I may be using the wrong terms in the search). I have a Win98 machine with a 360k 5.25" drive, working USB connection, and internet access. I have lots of 5.25" blank disks. My main multiboot (XP thru Win10) only has USB, & BD/RW.
How can I get the IIgs up and running with an OS and some games?

My best Goodwill find.

I recently won an auction on Goodwill's auction site. At the risk of gloating, I wanted to post my find here. I am just too pumped. Here's what I've ended up with.

Apple II Plus 48K
Amdek 300 12 inch monochrome monitor
Hand Controllers II
Epson Printer Card
Disk Controller Card
Language Card
SmartTerm Video Card
2 Disk II drives
Drive/Monitor stand

Looking for GAMEDOS for the Apple II

Looking for a disk for the apple II , this was called -

GAMEDOS , it was a DOS installation disk , kinda like Beautiful Boot Maker , it's a fast loader DOS , just shows Binary Files . If some one has it can I get a copy of the image file? Or is there a direct download link?




Apologies in advance for a crosspost, but I didn't get any reply on the Vintage Computers forum, so I'm trying my chance here too in case this post gets to a different audience.

Why is transwarp not emulating/adding at least 128K of AUX RAM even when there is only 64K of aux RAM plugged in //e?

Why is transwarp not emulating/adding at least 128K of AUX RAM even when there is only 64K of aux RAM plugged in //e's AUX slot? After all, transwarp has the neccessary dedicated shadow RAM already on board. On the other hand TW adds/emualted a 16K language card when there is no one in the Apple. The same principle should apply to auxiliary RAM. Am I missing something?

Compute! Magazine type-in programs

Hi all,

I recently discovered that the Internet Archive has a full collection of COMPUTE! Magazine, and since I have fond memories of typing in their programs when I was a kid, I was thinking it would be nice to type in the full collection of Apple II programs so that they're preserved for the future. There's a few disks on Asimov, but nowhere near everything. So I have a few questions:

Apple ii silver power supplies

Can someone tell me if the silver power supplies were only used on apple ii or apple ii plus computers?

Apple II Integer roms chips

Looking to rebuilt Original AII rom sets

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