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Keyboards for Apple IIgs

Having owned only one IIgs, I didn't realize that Apple Keyboard II I received was not the original keyboard. The ESC key position has been driving me a little bonkers. Well, I got my 2nd IIgs delivered yesterday, and with it, the true original keyboard. All is good in the world again!

Just had to share. I have a lot to learn...

GamePort Fault

The game port on my Apple IIe is not working correctly

The horizontal axis on pin 6 is working fine and I can read 0-255 from the joystick.

The vertical axis on pin 10 only reads 255 regardless of stick position.

Sanyo VM - 4509 9" Monitor Screen Replacement

I just wanted to mention that the Macintosh Classic CR tube fits perfectly in the Sanyo VM-4509 Monitor. I had one with pretty severe burn in. You have to remove the tabs that hold the screws completely for it to fit, but that only takes a few minutes.

Any updated info on MM5740 keyboard encoder replacements?

Arduino replacement for MM5740 encoders?

Need help with video overlay card software

Does anyone have the iigs disk to install the desk app or can tell me how to install it from the 6.0.1 sys disks?

Fried my laser128

Fried apple's Sad

Trying to identify some old Apple II games


Apple IIgs programming

I've posted this question on the AtariAge, but figured I can get some help here too Smile

I'm not new to 6502, but have no experience with Apple outside of high school very long time ago. I would like to get into Apple II, and figured why not get the IIgs for something different. I got a MicroDrive with CF card, 4mb memory card, and 3.5" drive, so a decent set up.

ProTERM Special Emulation Creation program.

Hey guys.

I remember back in the day, there was a program that allowed you to create ProTERM special emulation graphics.

Most people who made these graphics did so manually without the use of any program.

But I am looking for the program that did it for those of us who don't know how to write this kind of code.

The resulting graphics worked but they were not efficient.


Titus Larson Apple Interfacing

Layout of a proper board for development of Apple II card

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