Page 001  Welcome to the APPLEBOX
Page 002      My Apple Computers - my "Apple Corner"        
Page 003      Former old downloadpage - various old and rare interface cards

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        the Apple-1 pages          
Page A01      the Apple -1 page - the Apple-1 story        
Page A02      the Apple -1 documents        
Page A03      the Apple -1 link collection        
Page A04      the Apple -1 software - pending at correction        
Page A05      the MIMEO story        
Page A06      the Newton1 story        
Page A07      the Newton NTI story  - pending at correction        
Page A08      comparing the signals of different replication boards        
Page A09      enhancing the Apple 1 Logo        
        about the Apple-1 expansions          
Page A10      the Apple -1 Cassette Interface card ( original )        
Page A11      the Apple -1 Cassette Interface card from Mike Willegal        
Page A12      the PS2 to Apple -1 keyboard Adapter from Mike Willegal        
Page A13      general information about the expansion cards         
Page A14      the slotexpansioncard        
Page A15      the RAM expansioncard        
Page A16      the ROM expansioncard        
Page A17      the Prototypcard        
Page A18      the Diagnostic Card  - pending at correction        
Page A19      the Datanetics keyboardpage        
Page A20      DIY ASCII keyboard project  (elektor 1976 )        
Page A21      Apple-1 Keyboard Multiplexer        
Page A33      Apple-1 Powerbrick powersupply        
Page A34       Apple-1  oldfashioned Powersupply        
        other related topics          
Page A30      story about exhibition at the Vintage Computer Festival 2013        
Page A31      tips and tricks about soldering mainboards        
Page A32      Cheap Multimeter module for Transistors, Diodes, resistors, capacitors, Inductors and Coils incl. ESR        
  pages related to APPLE II series
Page 004       Intropage for entering programs and use of Key Perfect        
Page 005       BLOAD specs        
Page 006       MLX  - Machine Code Entry Program        
Page 007       Peeks  and  Pokes        
Page 008       MC  Code  Tabellen        
Page 009       Pointer Ueberblick        
Page 010       Automatic Proofreader   earlier type checking utility        
Page 011       Check It              later type checking utility        
       APPLE II Hardware expansions          
Page H000       Table of correct chipsets in different Apple II series of computers        
Page H001       Library of common "Copy Cards" for the Apple II   these cards origin from nuScope in Canada        
Page H002       Library of the Interfacecards from German IBS company  including circuitplans      
Page H003       FBAS  SYNC  LIB        
Page H004       3 different ways to Upgade an Apple II or Apple ][+ or Apple ][ europlus
  to 192 or 204 kByte RAM ( by change from 4116 RAM to 4164 RAM ) project
Page H005       Circuitdetails for RAM Refresh and Mods for changing / upgrading from 4116 to 4164
  or from 4164 to 41256 chips project
Page H006       Homebrew replacement for Switchboard at the Videx compatible Videoterm copycat cards        
Page H007      Various Circuits for adaption of FBAS Video Output to RGB or other monitors and SYNC splitters        
Page H008       Nibble Light Pen - a simple DIY project        
Page H009       6 Colors by Hardware Mod        
Page H010       2 Prozessoren an einem Speicher        
Page H011       16Kb  RAM-Karte  Softswitches        
Page H012       Adressen decodierung        
Page H013       Apple II Kleinschrift        
Page H014       Apple II  RGBcard  Konzept        
Page H014b       Das CCC Modem - simple modem with AM7910 / AM7911 chip 300 Baud / 1200 Baud / 2400 Baud          
Page H015       Das MC-Modem - still rather simple modem also with AM 7910 chip 300/1200 Baud        
Page H016       Eprom Pinout Matrix        
Page H017       IIc  Disk Mod ( switching between internal and external Drive ) pending at correction        
Page H018       Mikroprozessor Hilfsanzeige        
Page H019       ROMtausch  gegen  2716  im Apple II        
Page H020       SVHS  VHS  Wandler        
Page H021       AUGE Clock (Uhr) and patches        
Page H022       AUGE Uhr in ProDOS  - patching Prodos        
Page H023       Auge AD Interface        
Page H024       ct Uhr in CPM,  DOS3.3,  proDOS        
Page H025       NoSlotClock alike Clockcircuit and Software        
Page H104       Uhr MSM5832 - general DIY project          
Page H105       Types of 4116 Chips          
Page H026       The Supertape        
X07       Umbau Cassetenrecorder auf DAT        
Page H027       Apple Tape Monitor - volume control at the cassette port        
Page H028       ELCOMP EpromBrenner        
Page H029       ELCOMP The Apple II Slotexpansion        
Page H030       ElComp Sloterweiterungskarte        
Page H031       ElComp Universal Experimentierplatine        
Page H032       ElComp Musikkarte GI 3 AY 8912        
D04       Basic Pages about Power Supplies        
Page H036     Attention warning about dangerous Apple II powersupply series from Taiwan
Page H037       Upgrading Apple II Powersupplies        
Page H038        Interfacing Apple II - Prototyping board and Interface related to the book        
Page H039       Apple II Interface Programmierung        
Page H040       Nibbeling at the Gameport - very basic introduction to the gameport        
Page H041       CA-3162 AD Wandler am Apple II         
Page H042       Apple II  Gameport  Multimeter        
Page H043       Apple II Gameport experimentals        
Page H044       Apple II misst Kapazitaeten am Gameport        
Page H045       Apple II misst Spannungen am Gameport        
Page H046       Apple II misst Analog Werte am Gameport        
Page H047       AD Wandler im Apple II        
Page H048       Apple II als Logikanalyzer        
Page H049       Apple II Gameport EPROM Programmer ( this programmer could be used at the Apple gameport or IBM Centronics !)        
Page H050       Peeker Eprom Programmer mit Software ( source )        
Page H051       Springmann Eprom Programmer        
Page H052       AP-64E IBS Eprom Programmer         to come soon...          
Page H053   Eprommer general model
Page H106       Eprom Programmer from Garcia's Circuit Cellar        
Page H054       The Mystery of the Mountain Computer Expansion Box uncovered        
Page H055       Fairy IC Test Card for the Apple II        
Page H056       Apple II Interfacing with 2 x 6522 VIA Chips        
Page H057       The legendary CCC Modem  ( from Chaos Computer Club )      
Page H058       VIA 6522 Programmierung        
Page H059       Apple II Universal Interface        
Page H060       Apple II einfaches serielles Interface        
Page H061       Apple II 68008 Co Processorcard    deutsche Version        
Page H062       68008 Karte in Apple //e        
Page H063       Apple II 68008 Karte bootet CPM 2.2        
Page H064       68008 Reparaturhinweise        
Page H065       Apple II 68008 Karte unter Turbo Pascal        
Page H066       Deprotection mit NMI Signal ( Aushebeln des Kopierschutzes )        
Page H067       Homebrew Cable Adapter for Super Seriel Card        
Page H068       RAM DISK Program for Saturn 128 kB RAM - program source        
Page H069       Pictures of Applied Engineering PC-Transporter and Addons        
Page H070       Homebrew replacement Floppydiskadaptor for MS-DOS drives on the AE PC Transporter card project        
Page H071       homebrew Cable to RGB Philips Monitor        
Page H072       Umbau PALkarte zur RGBkarte        
Page H073       Apple II Diskadaptor for 8" and 5,25" Diskdrives        
Page H074       TEAC  Mod        
Page H075       TEAC55F an Basis108 unter CPM        
Page H076              
Page H077       Adapting OMTI PC Harddisk Controller and ST506 Harddisks to the Apple II        
Page H078       OMTI am ECB Bus        
Page H079       Init 40 Tracks at DOS 3.3        
Page H080       Formatter - universelles Formattierprogramm mit Sourcelisting        
Page H081       Lightning Copy - program source        
Page H082       ProDOS and DOS33 Double Boot - at one disk        
Page H083   Aufbau des Apple DISK II
Page H084       Disk II Service and Repair        
Page H085       Ehring FDC4 Diskdrive Controller and IBS AP53        
Page H086       Anpassung an 160 Tracks unter ProDOS fuer den Ehring FDC4 Controller        
Page H087       Apple II 80 Track Patches for different Diskdrive Controllers - patching souces        
Page H088       weitere ProDOS Patches        
Page H089       Apple II AFDC2 erphi Diskdrive Controller        
Page H090       Anpassung des Super Quick Kopierprogrammes an 160 Tracks fuer Erphi AFDC2        
Page H091       Disk II Testprogramm - program source        
Page H092       Apple II Disk Doctor - program source        
Page H094       RAMfast IDEcard        
Page H097       Apple DMP Schriften waehlen        
Page H099       12Bit  DA  Umsetzer        
Page H100       Various ancient Computer connectors and expansionports        
Page H101       Betrieb und Ansteuerung von Schrittmotoren        
Page H102       ct Sprachsynthese        
Page H103        Prototypcards        
Page H107       Apple as Oscilloscope - simple DIY project        
Page H108       Planing Measurement System - concept introduction        
Page H109       Power IO System - introduction        
Page H110       DIY ADC - introduction to Analog Digital Converter system        
Page H198       Home Repair Guide for Apple II - general intro to serve yourself        
   Apple and Sound
Page H199        RS232  zu  MIDI        
Page H200        MIDI various circuits        
Page H201        Software Automated Mouth bringt den Apple zum Sprechen        
Page H202        Apple toent 2-stimmig        
Page H203        Sounder - Key Compare        
Page H204        Apple Talker        
Page H205        Nibble Duet - a complete program for sound at the Apple II  - program source        
Page H206        Nibble Tunes - a extended program fpr synthisizer sound from Apple II  - program source        
Page H207        Maestro - a music program fpr Apple II - program source        
Page H208        Sound Synthesizer - - program source        
Page H209        Software Volume Control        
Page H210        Speech Synthisizer for Apple II with SC01        
Page H211        Apple II as Synthisizer with 2 Interface cards and entire project EN - ct Klangcomputer DE - a complex DIY project        
Page H212        the alpha syntauri pages        
Page H213        The JonasCard - a alternate design of a Mockingboard like Soundcard for Apple IIs - supports also the IIGS Sound        
Page H214        The Apple II and IIGS Sound and Speech Card with MIDI or Synthisizer Interface        
Page H215        Voice Recognition Input System for Apple //e VOC2020        
Page H216        Toene aus Basic        
Page H217        Sounding Board        
Page H218        Arcade Sound Editor - a sound program for games at Apple II - program source        
Page H219        Krachmacher        
Page H220       a Matter of Timing - assembler programs and relation to generated sound        
Page H221       The Lis'ner 1000 - a speech recognition / generation program        
Page H222       Jazz It Up - a compact sound program with source code        
Page H223       Notes For Apple II - simple music program        
         Accelerators speeding up the Apple and new Custom Cards          
CM01        ZIP-Chip 8000 ( also partially 2 Mhz )    to come soon...          
CM02        McT Speed Demon - review        
CM03        Titan Apple IIe Accelerator Card - review        
CM04        AE Acceleratorcard IIe                           to come soon...          
CM05        The Transwarpcard for the IIGS  - review          
CM07        Carte Blanche II                                       to come soon...          
CM08        CFFA Card                                              to come soon...          
CM09    Uthernet II                                                 to come soon...
        Apple IIGS specific stuff          
Page GS00    Willkommen beim IIGS
Page GS01        The 4MB RAM Expansioncard for the IIGS        
Page GS02        homebrew Apple //e Upgrade to IIGS        
Page GS03    Replacement of Apple IIGS ROM 0 or ROM 1 with standard Eprom
Page GS04        Apple  IIGS Slots        
Page GS05        Apple IIGS MIDI-Port        
Page GS06        Apple II Scribe am IIGS        
Page GS07        Epson LQ1050 am IIGS        
Page GS08       GS Softswitches        
Page GS09       HPlot at the GSII        
Page GS10       GS/FX        
Page GS11       Instant GS Control using program instead of control panel        
Page GS12       Speed Set GS from program        
Page GS13       Super Graphics GSII        
Page GS14       Applesoft GS Connection  - access controlpanel from program        
Page GS15       Listing Toolset Files        
        BASIC PAGES  - Basic Details on Hardware Topics          
Page D03       Basic Pages on Keyswitches and Keyboards        
Page D04   Basic Pages about Power Supplies
Page H084       The Basic DISK II Pages  Speedadjustment,  Trackalignment,  Cleaning and  Service        
Page D04      General page about resurection / reactivation of Apple II or II+ after long storage time        
Page D04b       General page about resurection / reactivation of Apple //e  after long storage time        
Page D05       Basic page about soldering or de-soldering        
Page G02       Library of common ICs and datasheets      
       CPM Pages - related to the CPM Operation System          
Page C01        details of the Z80 and 6502 cooperation in the Apple II        
Page C02        Beseitigung von Fehlfunktionen bei Z80 CPM Clone Karten        
Page C03        Tuning Up the Z80 Card to operate CPM 2,2 at 7 Mhz in the IIe ( does not work in II+ ! )        
Page C04        CPM 2.2 Bug removal        
Page C05        Fehler bei CPM 2.2 beseitigen - CPM bootet mit Maus am Apple II        
Page C06        CPM 2.2 Diskhelper Disk recue - program source        
Page C07        CPM 2.2 and the Disk Parameter Section uncovered        
Page C08        CPM 2.2 adding / accessing date and time - patch source        
Page C09        Wechsel CPM 2.2 Z80 <=> Apple II 6502 und zurueck ohne booten        
Page C10        Keyclick in CPM        
Page C11        Apple II Fast Grafik unter CPM 2.2 in Turbo Pascal        
Page C12        Conversion of UCSD Pascal sources to CPM 2.2 Turbo Pascal sources - program source        
Page C13        Apple II  Druckertreiber  unter  CPM 2.2        
Page C14        CPMplus        
Page C15        Patchen von Software unter CPM        
Page C16        Neues Overlay fuer Wordstar        
Page C17        Patching  Wordstar        
Page C18        Wordstar druckt  Control-Codes        
Page C19        Z80-Patch fuer  Kompatible        
Page C20        Z80  ohne  CPM        
Page C21        Stichwortregister aus Wordstar-Datei        
Page C22       Command Compare comparing disk commands  of different operation systems        
Page C23                
       Programming Apple Graphics          
Page G01       Ampersand and Double HiRes Routines        
Page G03       Apple Double Hires Basics        
Page G03b       Double Hires for Apple II 2        
Page G04       Double Hires Ampersand 2        
Page G05       Double Hires Programs Package        
Page G06       Shape Development Tools        
Page G07       Sprite Editor        
Page G08       Shifting Shapes with the OR-Trick        
Page G09       Wraparound Hires Screens        
Page G10       Apple Artist   a drawing program        
Page G11       Tuning Graphics at the Apple II - program sources        
Page G12       Graphics Workshop Part 1 Hplot                                      a series of lessons about Apple graphics        
Page G13       Graphics Workshop Part 2 Blockshape                           a series of lessons about Apple graphics        
Page G14       Graphics Workshop Part 3 Blockshape Animation         a series of lessons about Apple graphics        
Page G15       Graphics Workshop Part 4 Blockshape Animator           a series of lessons about Apple graphics        
Page G16       Graphics Workshop Part 5 Blockshape                            a series of lessons about Apple graphics        
Page G17       Graphics Workshop Part 6 Blockshape                            a series of lessons about Apple graphics        
Page G18       Graphics Workshop Part 7 Squirm Attack Game             a series of lessons about Apple graphics        
Page G19       Graphics Workshop Part 8 Stormwarning HiRes Game     a series of lessons about Apple graphics        
Page G20        + Oiler Extender        
Page G21       Graphics Workshop Part 9 Double Hires Graphics I           a series of lessons about Apple graphics        
Page G22       Graphics Workshop Part 10 Double HiRes Graphics II       a series of lessons about Apple graphics        
Page G23   Graphics Workshop Part 11 Double HiRes Graphics III      a series of lessons about Apple graphics
Page G24       Graphics Workshop Part 12 Double HiRes Graphics IV     a series of lessons about Apple graphics        
Page G25       Graphics Workshop Part 13 Double HiRes Graphics V      a series of lessons about Apple graphics        
Page G26       Graphics Workshop Part 14 Double HiRes Graphics VI     a series of lessons about Apple graphics        
Page G27       Graphics Workshop Part 15 Game Shape Animation IX    a series of lessons about Apple graphics        
Page G28       Graphics Workshop Part 16 Game Shape Animation X     a series of lessons about Apple graphics        
Page G29        Double Hires im Apple IIe        
Page G30        New Letter Scroll        
Page G31        Graphic Toolbox        
Page G32        3D Hidden Line Remove        
Page G33        Applesoft Windows        
Page G34        Window Magic        
Page G35        Fensterln am Apple II        
Page G36        Adding Hires Commands to Applesoft and Dumping Hires Pictures on printer        
Page G37        Adding Text in HGR pages - program source        
Page G38        Apple II lower Case conversion        
Page G38b        HiRes Character Drawing at the Toolbox        
Page G39        Hires Character Drawing        
Page G40        HiRes Special Effects        
Page G41        Shades and Textures        
Page G42        HiRes Houdini       a drawing program        
Page G43        Nibble Architect    a drawing program for architects and room planing        
Page G44        Nibble Designer   a drawing program        
Page G45        Nibble Illustrator   a drawing program        
Page G46        Hires Cursor Mover        
Page G47    HiRes Fill Reverse
Page G48    HiRes Packing
Page G49        HiRes Shape Splitter        
Page G50        Lower Case Letters with HGR        
Page G51        Silentype HiRes Printing        
Page G52        The Shape        
Page G53        Collision Counter        
Page G54        Double Hires am Apple IIe        
Page G54b        HGR vs. HGR2        
Page G55        Kleinschrift am Apple II unter UCSD Pascal        
Page G56        Hardcopy of HGR pictures in UCSD Pascal to printer - program source        
Page G57        Korrekte ImageWriter Kommandos ( Manual korregiert )        
Page G58        Adding Hires Commands to Applesoft and Dumping Hires Pictures on printer        
Page G59        Adding Text in HGR pages - program source        
Page G60        Hires Crunch Decrunch        
Page G61        Nibble Paintbox   a drawing program        
Page G62        nuetzliche HGR-Routinen        
Page G63        additional Hires Colors        
Page G64        Apple Shapes        
Page G65        Great Shapes - handling multiple Shape Tables        
Page G66        HGR am Drucker        
Page G67        Photo Exchange ( Tool for Newsroom )        
Page G68        Shapemaker        
Page G69        Zeichengenerator fuer Nadeldrucker        
Page G70       Applevision  HiRes Text        
Page G71       Making It Perfectly Clear- cleaning textpage with graphic effects        
Page G72       Amper Palette - a drawing program using macro commands        
Page G73       Starlaser - a graphic game -  with  -  sounds from arcade sound editor ( H218 )        
Page G74       Ultra Fast Pix        
Page G75       Window Works        
Page G76       Applesoft Windows at 80colCard        
Page G77       Hi-Res SCRN Command        
Page G78       Hi-Res Tricks        
Page G79       ZOT        
Page G80       Apple II Graphics Basic Introduction series        
Page G81       Apple Robographics CAD -  review        
Page G82       Applesoft Collision Counter        
Page G83       Getting big Apple II Picture at HiRes        
Page G84       LoRes Graphics        
Page G85       HiRes        
Page G86       HiRes Color Flash        
Page G87       HiRes Scan        
Page G88       HiRes SCRN Function        
Page G89       Joystick and Mouse in Lores        
Page G90       New Shape Routine        
Page G91       QA HiRes to Imagewriter  how to get HiRes picture output at the Imagewriter        
Page G92       Speed Draw -  a drawing program        
Page G93       Super  HiRes Graphic Converter        
        Programming general stuff for the Apple II series          
Page P001        Catalog von Disk in String laden        
Page P002        AUX MEM in the Apple IIe        
Page P003        Fast Byte Suche im Monitor        
Page P004        HexMon Editor        
Page P005        Fast Load in DOS        
Page P006        Adding "Insert"ion to Applesoftprograms - program source        
Page P007        Wechsel von Applesoft zu Apple Monitor und zurueck ohne Probleme        
Page P008    VarNam for Applesoft - program source
Page P009        Slot Finder        
Page P010        Finding Slot Number        
Page P011       Common Error Codes        
Page P012       Details of ProDOS Golbalpage uncovered        
Page P013       Simple ProDOS Startup Program        
Page P014       Intro in ORCA M - Macro Assembler        
Page P015       Kurztest Aztec C        
Page P016       Korrektur von Trace Befehl in Basic.System        
Page P017       CHAIN mistake in Prodos        
Page P018       Der Change Macro Befehl fuer Applesoft Editor        
Page P019       Apple Ref-Test zum pruefen von Labels in Applesoftprogrammen        
Page P020   Ampersand Basic Utilities  simple ampersand commands
Page P021       Ampersand Utility der Instring Befehl fuer Applesoft        
Page P022       Amper Fre Splitter        
Page P023       Amper Go adding aampersand commands to your program        
Page P024       Power Key - adding Macros to your Keyboard        
Page P025       The Disencourager - Access Control        
Page P026       For Next Problem in Applesoft        
Page P027       Page - fast access and move of AUX Mem from and to Disk        
Page P028       Getting Started with Subroutines        
Page P029       SubRoutine Master        
Page P030       SubRoutine Store        
Page P031       More Subroutines        
Page P032       Go with the Flow        
Page P033       Eingabe Maschinen Programme        
Page P034       Adding Search and Replace to Applesoft        
Page P035       Fast GOTO Processor        
Page P036       Lift Off        
Page P037       Introduction to Macros        
Page P038       Immediate Macro        
Page P039       Errormessages from OnErr        
Page P040       Errors Without Messages        
Page P041       Fun with the Monitor        
Page P042       Intro to programming the Mouse at the Apple II        
Page P043       Navigator - display your program as Flowchart        
Page P044       Subroutine Library        
Page P045       6502 Tracer        
Page P045b       GEOS        
Page P046       Fliesskommazahlen in Applesoft        
Page P047       Apple IIe Cursor Modi        
Page P047b       Multi Array Sort        
Page P048       Apple II RAM Test        
Page P048b       Patching Memory Allocation        
Page P049       Relocator  fuer  Apple II        
Page P050       APU fuer Apple II        
Page P050b       Speicherdump in Textdatei        
Page P051       Textdateien auf dem  Apple II  ausgeben        
Page P052       NoZap        
Page P053       Aufbau Menue        
Page P054       Menue Unterprogramme        
Page P055       AUX-Memory Apple IIe        
Page P056       Basicprogramme verschieben        
Page P057       Besserer Resume fuer Applesoft        
Page P058       Betriebssystem in Languagecard laden        
Page P059   Bug in LISA-Assembler
Page P060       Change        
Page P061       Come From  statt  Go To        
Page P062       Copy II plus  -  Patch        
Page P063       Sondertext statt Diskvolume        
Page P064       Zahleneingabe in UCSD-Pascal        
Page P065       Dateien zwischen UCSD und Applesoft konvertieren        
Page P066       Externals in Pascal        
Page P067       Phonem Assembler SC01        
Page P068       schnelle Abspeicherung von Feldern        
Page P069       RAM-test nebenbei     RAM im Hintergrund testen        
Page P070       Apple II als Terminal    ein terminalprogramm fuer Apple II        
Page P071       Alter Doubler        
Page P072       Double DOS - Disk keeping both DOS and ProDOS present in memory and switchable by one command        
Page P073       Applesoft Band Aids - correcting mistakes and bugs in Applesoft        
Page P074       Applesoft  File Commands  ProDOS Interpreter  a examination how proDOS executes commands        
Page P075       Auto Menu a menu system picking up the present diskfiles automatically        
Page P076       Date Subtraction - math for calculating periods of days        
Page P077       Error Trapping - better method of error handling        
Page P078       Doughnut Grinders Logbook  a Applesoft template for sporting and fitness and weight loss        
Page P079       Extra Amper extra command collection of ampersand commands        
Page P080       Machine Language Menu Master  use menus for adding machinecode parts into running program        
Page P081   Macro Magic XIV  a bunch of usefull  macro commands
Page P082    

  Modular Assembly Language Programming - general introduction to better programming skills

Page P083       Amper Formatter - formatting applesoft program by use of macro        
Page P084       DOS Device Detective within applesoft program        
Page P085       File Recovery - general thought about ProDOS above rev. 1.7        
Page P086       Keyboard Tutor - training skills of typing at the keyboard of the Apple        
Page P087       Type Right - command typing correction by program at the Apple        
Page P088       Garden Planner - planning the vegitable garden at your Apple        
Page P089       Nibble Reminder - taskplanner at the Apple with reminder function        
Page P090       ImageWriter Color Control        
Page P091       ImageWriter Scribe Control    ow to send control codes to printer        
Page P092       Mouse Printing - printing symbols from the mousetext        
Page P093       Mousing Around - programming at Applesoft acccess of the mouse        
Page P094       Prodos Position Command examining the regular command        
Page P095       ProDOS Quit Code        
Page P096       ProDOS  Spy - getting info about interface access by program        
Page P097       Remote  Apple Writer        
Page P098       Stepper - a programm that lets you perform single steps within program execution        
Page P099       Using  AuxMem and using Softswitches the collection of softswitches related to programming the auxiliary memory at IIe        
Page P100       Shadow Play   change code switching between 2 pages        
Page P101       AMPOS a Ampersand Position Command the better way to position cursor in 40 col and 80 col mode        
Page P102       Apple IIe Peeks Pokes Calls        
Page P103       Applesoft Page Lister    create formatted program listings        
Page P104       Applesoft Program Mover   relocate program to protect graphics pages        
Page P105       Appleworks Clock Patch   use clocks not common at Appleworks within Appleworks        
Page P106       Appleworks Tips      various tips for use with Appleworks        
Page P107       DiskII Drive Tester     excelent simple Disk II Testing program        
Page P108       Disk Ejector   use command within program to eject disk        
Page P109       File Revival   programm for recovering deleted files        
Page P110       Start Up Name Changer   modify startup file at proDOS disks        
Page P111       Double Window Menu    disk menu with doublerow window        
Page P112       ProDOS Command CHAIN  splitting large files to small files and run sequences        
Page P113       Screen Print Command        
Page P114       Text Shifter  change text with upper/lower case to upper case only for use at Apple II+        
Page P115       Scrunch   program to compress or decompress files        
Page P116       Printshop Label Maker Patch        
Page P117       Nibble Writer   a texteditor with complete source code        
Page P118       Nibble Term    a complete Apple II communication program for use with super serial card with source code        
Page P119       Putting the Apple II work        
Page P120       Windows  using window like display at Apple II        
Page P121       Apple Keys  checking in program for press of open Apple key / closed Apple key        
        ancient Storage Data parameters          
Page D01        page with Data of ancient Floppydisk Drives - Manufacturers / Models / Specs        
Page D02        page with Data of ancient Harddisk Drives - Manufacturers / Models / Specs        
Page D00        Apple Cartoons        
         alternate ancient DIY Computer Projects          
Page X01        the ct Terminalcard        
Page X02        the ct86 Computer - a complete project of building a entire 8086 Computer with ECB cardsystem        
Page X03        the ct68000 Computer - complete project of building a entire 68000 Computer with ECB cardsystem        
Page X04        the ct EPAC systems for ECB Bus systems computer on small Cards projects        
Page X05        6502 CPU-karte        
Page X06    ct Scope Extender
Page X07        modifying cassette recorder from Audio to Data capabilities        
Page X08        Universal linear Powersupply for Computers        
Page X09        OMNIBUS        
Page X10        ROMkarte        
Page X11        PC DOS Disk Dump Editor        
Page X12        PC DOS Interrupts        
Page X13        PEPS Eprom Simulator        
Page X14        General Info about PAL Logic chips        
Page X15        PAL Programmer        
Page X16        programmieren Bipolarer Proms        
Page X17        Serial Parallel conversion unit        
Page X18        Schnittstellen        
Page X19        V10 V20 8080 8086 Chips von NEC        
Page X20        Buserweiterung        
Page X21        variable  Speicherkarte        
Page X22                
Page X40        ZX81 Intropage ( entire Subsection w. approx. 100 pages ! )      
Page S01        the FORMANT - a legendaty DIY project of building a MOOG compatible Music Synthisizer projects (english version )      
Page S02        the Electric Piano - a DIY project building a electronic Piano including the build of the keyboard from elektor 1978        
Page S03        the VOCODER - a legendary DIY project for Voice Synthisizer from elektor 1977/79 and later from elrad 1981        
Page S04        the POLYSYNTH - a legendary DIY project for Synthisizer from elektor 1977/79 and later from elrad 1981        
Page S05        polyphon Organ        
Page S06        polyphon Synthisizer        
Page S07        the PHASER        
Page S08        the SEQUENCER        
Page S09        the DRUMBOX - Synthisizer percusion equipment ( from elektor 1977 and elrad 1980 )        
Page S10    the IC Drumbox
Page S11        the Mini Drumbox        
Page S12        the SoundLAB        
Page S13        the Speech Compressor        
Page S14        Speech Synthesis for C64        
Page S15        the Chorus Synthisizer        
Page S16        the Choralizer        
Page S17        the Devoicer        
Page S18        the LFO Generator        
Page S19        MIDI and Synthisizer devices        
Page S20        Music Processors        
Page S21        Synthisizer Chips        
Page S22        Synthisizer Concepts        
Page S23        Synthisizer Keyboard Interface        
Page S24        VCF VCA Noisegate Card        
Page S25        VCA Noisegate        
Page S26