Type : Pismo PowerBook

Processor : 500 MHz PPC 750 (83.0)

OS : 10.4.11 (OS 9.2.1 - CarbonLib 1.6)

RAM : 512 MB SDRAM (256 MB lower / 256 MB Upper)

Graphics: ATI Rage LT Pro

#|----- Monitor -----|----- Connection -----|----- Notes -----
1|(unused)|VGA port|...
.|------------- ATA -------------|--------------- Location ----------------|-------- Notes --------
M|128GB|internal bay|2x 64GB Micro SD Cards in a dual port CF Adapter
S|128GB|internal bay|2x 64GB Micro SD Cards in a dual port CF Adapter
#|--- Expansion Bay Modules ---|--------------- Model -------------------|------------ Notes ------------
1|DVD ROM (2x)|Apple M7931|Matshita-DVD SR-8174
#|------------ PC Cards -------------|--------------- Model -------------------|------------ Notes ------------
0|AirPort Card (internal)|.|Firmware version 9.52


================================ Fun Notes ================================

1. The hard drive on this machine consists of 4x 64GB Micro SD Cards in dual port CF Adapters, plugged into a CF-IDE adapter, configured as a mirrored RAID volume. Each CF adapter uses the SD cards as a single logical drive with killer write speed. The software RAID is just because I prefer the redundancy over the storage space.

2. I use the speech recognition on this quite a bit and miss it on my newer Macs.


================================ Issues ===================================

1. I really want a BookEndz docking station for this bad boy but cannot find one.

2. The battery will not hold any charge at all. Rebuild is planned but will happen at a later date.


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