Type : Pismo PowerBook

Processor : 500 MHz PPC 750 (83.0)

OS : 10.4.12 (Shuriken) (OS 9.2.1 - CarbonLib 1.6)

RAM : 512 MB SDRAM (256 MB lower / 256 MB Upper)

Graphics: ATI Rage LT Pro

#|----- Monitor -----|----- Connection -----|----- Notes -----
1|(unused)|VGA port|...
.|------------- ATA -------------|--------------- Location ----------------|-------- Notes --------
M|128GB|internal bay|2x 64GB Micro SD Cards in a dual port CF Adapter
S|128GB|internal bay|2x 64GB Micro SD Cards in a dual port CF Adapter
#|--- Expansion Bay Modules ---|--------------- Model -------------------|------------ Notes ------------
1|DVD ROM (2x)|Apple M7931|Matshita-DVD SR-8174
#|------------ PC Cards -------------|--------------- Model -------------------|------------ Notes ------------
0|AirPort Card (internal)|.|Firmware version 9.52


================================ Fun Notes ================================

1. The hard drive on this machine consists of 4x 64GB Micro SD Cards in dual port CF Adapters, plugged into a CF-IDE adapter, configured as a mirrored RAID volume. Each CF adapter uses the SD cards as a single logical drive with killer write speed. The software RAID is just because I prefer the redundancy over the storage space.

2. Fun Fact (not really): Using SoftRaid kills this thing on reboot as the base system is looking for an OS9 mapping (which makes sense since it is a "Classic" machine) before it jumps to the OSX boot.  SoftRAID (3.x) looks seems to want to run on a native-X machine.  This means I need to periodically check the RAID array and make sure one of the slices has not failed (as it did on one ocassion, thus prompting me to try SoftRAID for its active monitoring capabilities).

3. I use the speech recognition on this quite a bit and miss it on my newer Macs.

4. From boot chime to appearance of Speech App is 53 seconds under Shuriken.


================================ Issues ===================================

1. I really want a BookEndz docking station for this bad boy but cannot find one.

2. The battery will not hold any charge at all. Rebuild is planned but will happen at a later date.


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