My Apple 1 Custom Case

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A little under a year ago I bought a Replica 1 from Briel Computers and made a custom case similar to the originals. I included some awesome pictures below. I did however need to make some modifications, such as the opening hinged top, in order to accommodate the Replica 1's power and reset buttons, and to show off the board. The project took about a week to complete, I didn't work on it all the time however. I chose a Cherry PS2 MINI FOOTPRINT CHERRY ML4100 KEYBOARD (which you can find by clicking the title) since it was more practical than finding an affordable ASCII. I had the "Apple 1" plaque engraved at a Things Remembered store to add a little flare. I left some empty space in the case in order to allow future expansions. Feel free to ask any questions if you have them and please give me some feedback on the design, and you can see some pics of the case below.


Case Open:


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Beautiful craftsmanship. The keyboard looks surprisingly good, too.