Preserving a NOS Basis 108

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I was lucky enough to recently acquire a new-in-box Basis 108, a German-made Apple II clone with a Z80 coprocessor for CP/M. It's a big, heavy beast with a metal case and high-quality keyboard. The original owner was a Kaypro dealer who bought it for evaluation purposes and never used it. My original intent was to get it working and use it, but once I saw it, I realized that it needs to be preserved as is. 


The system is a base model with no disk drives and 64K RAM. I might also need to find a ROM to add drives. So, getting it working is a bigger task than I expected, and the system is really an historical artifact. I have scanned its documentation, which is quite detailed and includes schematics and code. Interestingly, it has two sets of docs. One is a preliminary version in an unmarked binder stamped with the system's serial number. The other is a final, larger version in a branded binder. I've scanned the latter and will send to anyone who wants a copy.


Would like to hear your thoughts on the system. 



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It's interesting to see one without floppy drives. I wonder if that was aimed more at people who wanted to use cassette, or those intending to purchase drives separately?

If you'd like to upload the manual, you can do that using the Media Browser link in the toolbar when you're creating a new post (or a comment). It will embed the PDF in the page.

Just uploaded the manual. The disk drives were optional, but oddly the system has its original utility and booter disks.