A basic attempt to emulate Classic Mac OSes; "Reliant" is the primary instance of OS 9. There is an alternate instance called "Pasteur' (intended to be a recovery HD) and an emulation of OS 7. This so far has been a 'mule' for seeing what the emulator can tolerate as well as for me to figure out what I want to do with the silly thing.

The big idea spark I have had lately has been to use a papercraft model as the case for the Pi. Since I am using a B+ model, I immediately learned I would have to scale the model up in order to create enough internal space. I have also been using 1/4" thick project foamboard to make a core that the paper can be applied to with rubber cement. My first cut at just making the model itself at standard size(letter/A4) with the foam core is a good learning experience and I can see that I would need to use a Pi Zero (if it can run the emulator as well as the B+). I also have to tackle the question of ports v. monitor as well as heat (more so with the B+).

Thinking aloud... if I scale the whole model up, I can make room for a focus-free, iPhone-type projector in the saucer section. Big issue then becomes balance and weight as I will wither likely have the thing tip forward or distort shape on the nacelle riser under the sheer weight. A wire skeleton inside could solve this issue in part. Maybe. I also will likely end up with a 15"-13" wide saucer which is not what i would prefer.

Alternatively, if I can get a Zero to run just fine, then I may need minimal scaling from my current iteration (still need some to deal with foam thickness v. foam layers v. model scale at available paper size. The implication of this is that it will become a headless unit although I could get SpeakableItems going and mybe use it as an iTunes player. The idea of also altering the saucer section to open like a clamshell and provide a mini LCD is plausible but kinda begs the B+/larger scale idea. Could just run the ports to the rear of the model (USB and HDMI) cleverly disguised as the shuttle bay doors. I could also try to implement the Pi's camera within the Mac emulator to set this up as a Mac-webcam. I realize that I can do that natively in the Pi but then it would not be a Mac (albeit emulated). This could allow me to see the street outside and could display on my Magic Mirror (work in progress...).

Ultimately it will boil down to the way in which I use it, I guess.

So to sum up, the probable uses are:
1. An iTunes player
2. A SpeakableItems interface (poor man's Alexa/Google Voice)
3. A Mac-based web cam to let me check the street/alley/weather outside.
4. A mini-laptop

For #3, the question I now have is ‘can I get SheepShaver to talk to my Pi camera?’