10.4.4 K&M CP

This seems to be the checkbox to control how the Fn keys behave for setting hardware vs software controls. 10.2.8 and probably 10.3 don't have this.



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this has been on the OS X Versions as far back as I can remember. It's for laptops that have the brightness and sound on the functions key. Mostly, this is used for dashboard and other stuff...

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From what I remember, 10.2.8 didn't have it. After the upgrade the option appeared, and my problem was solved without me changing it manually.

On my Mini F12 does Dashboard without a modifier, and now on my iBook I press Fn-F12 for it. Otherwise F12 ejects the CD, as it should. This didn't happen before the upgrade. I had to press Fn-F12 to eject CDs.