how do i fix a warped albook case?

well, since everyone on apple's discussions page isn't of any help, i'll just ask here. i was offered an albook recently and i want to know how i would get rid of the warping on the screen from repeated opening and closing and how to fix the bend in the dvd slot (that does not affect the use of the drive however). what's most irritating is that the metal casing on the bottom has been bent to the point that the corner is actually sticking out from the trim. i'd have to get a picture. how can i get this bend back to normal without harming the computer or the case?

simply, you dont.

look on ebay for new bottom and top casings (you may be ably to find them for cheap)

i think youd drive yourself nuts before you fix it


You really can't as said above. It will never be flat again, it will have little kinks and such that will drive you crazy. That sounds exactly like what happened to mine. Just get new case parts, thats really the only relatively easy way to fix it.

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take it apart and straighten it out.

. . . little kinks and such that will drive you crazy.
Well, obviously, this bent 'Book is gonna be sold for a reduced price on account of its bends. If one wanted a primo 'Book then one would pay a primo price.

Whatever. It wouldn't drive me crazy, but then I'm quite happy with my TiBook named 'scruffy'. Blum 3

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with determining the viability. Is it just the display assembly? Is it a 12", 15", or 17"? If so, which speed. If, for example, it's a 1.0 ghz that needs a new top and bottom case due to a minor impact, you're going to be shelling out close to $200 plus labor. I wouldn't recommend tearing apart a 12" aibook to anyone, a 15" or 17" to anyone short of someone who's been inside a laptop before.

Just my $.02

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well no i dont want it to be perfect. i just dont want the space in between the plastic trim and metal bottom. i know i'd be picking at it or something insane... i thought maybe a good soft, thick cloth and gently tap it with the hammer since it's sift metal, but i was worried that something inside would get damaged. i think the hard drive is under the left palmrest where the bent corner is.... eeh no. maybe i'll look for a new bottom if i choose to get the machine. i have a feeling that i'd be putting in a bigger faster hard drive regardless of whatever computer i get. is the albook as much a mess to take apart as the ibook?

basically, you need heat. To bend aluminum without cracking it you have to heat it to get it soft, which in your case means destroying your book. If you try bending it, you risk either cracking the aluminum parts of the case, breaking them, or at best warping them in a different way. There's a reason a lot of things are made of aluminum, but there's also a reason most of these things aren't made for customers to be able to do smith work on them. Buy case parts off of ebay and swap everything over, you'll be much better off.

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gaah. i might as well buy that pismo i was looking at. at least i can drop that machine without worrying about bending something....