I Ching Connexion X 3.1.1 (Carbon)

I Ching Connexion X 3.1.1

The I Ching Connexion is an ever-changing but always consistently interlocking
graphic representation of the way the 64 hexagrams interrelate.
As such it is the key to widen and deepen the interpretation of the
outcome of
a divination.

It features the translation James Legge made (published in 1882, England) of
the Imperial Edition of the I (published in 1715, China). This alone
makes the
program useful for anyone interested in the I Ching.
Besides that it adds two radical new views to the ancient Book of Changes:
the Connexion and the Mediator.
It also features an I Ching clock, a presentation of the link between the
I Ching and astrology. And it allows you to calculate your natal hexagram.

I Ching Connexion X v3.1.1 is carbonized: it requires a PowerPC Macintosh, at
least Mac OS 8.6 with CarbonLib v1.4 installed, or Mac OS X 10.1 - it runs
natively in both the Classic and the OS X environment.
The program takes about 2.1 MB on your hard disk and needs 2.6 MB free RAM
to run.

This software is distributed as shareware (save/print disabled).
Please read the enclosed 'I Ching Connexion X Read Me' for some introductory
info, and 'How to Register ICC' for instructions on how to register.

Changes since 3.1

- Fixed crash on new document after finding a connexion
- Corrected scrollbar display glitch on OS X 10.3.4
- Changed internet address to mindsports.nl

Enjoy the program,

Christian Freeling Ed van Zon
christian@mindsports.nl ed@mindsports.nl

MindSports Home Page: http://www.mindsports.nl/

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