Quickset Alarm 2.1

Quickset is an efficient alarm timer written in AppleScript. It requires
very simple data entry via your keyboards numbers row or your numeric
keypad. Alarms can be set to any time within the next twenty four (24)
hours. Once you learn proper format, any time can be entered in under 5
seconds. Quickset can have multiple pending alarm times and the next
pending alarm time is displayed as the running application. A more
complete description is in the download.

New in this version&

1. Fixes a bug when your computer is set to various non U.S. and
custom time formats in the Date & Time control panel.
2. Fixes a bug when canceling the removal of a pending alarm time.

System Requirements&

Quickset Alarm has been tested in OS 9.x. It should work on OS 8.5 or
later. It uses only Standard Addition and Finder dictionary AppleScript


Quickset Alarm 2.1 is intended as Shareware at a suggested price of

Written by&

Quickset Alarm is by Terrance P. Burnett (panoply@bellsouth.net).

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