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Carm's Cool Desktop Patterns for the Macintosh Set I
Created by Carmine Smeriglio - E-mail: - Web

I would like to thank you for taking the time to download this
collection of COOL Desktop Patterns for the Mac. Inside this folder you
will find 50 original designs to spruce up your desktop. I hope you
enjoy these patterns as much as I did creating them. Any comments or
feedback is welcomed. So please feel free to drop me line at

To use: Open your Desktop Patterns/Pictures Control Panel and click the
Picture icon. Then simply drag and drop an image onto the preview screen
of the Desktop Patterns/Pictures Control Panel. Or you can click the
select picture option to open a file. If that option is not available,
click remove picture. Once you have chosen an images I suggest you
select the "tile on screen" option. You're using a Mac it's simple. Drag
and Drop or use select picture, we're not splitting atoms here =:)

This Cool collection of Patterns is SHAREWARE. This means if you like
any of them well enough to keep and use, a one time fee of Ten ($10.00)
U.S. dollars would be appreciated. Hey, look at it this way, it's only

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