LockOut 4.1

LockOut is a $15 Mac application that helps keep people from using your Mac
while you're away. Helps keep your Mac safe from your co-workers while at
the office, and from your kids while at home.

email: lockout@mauisoftware.com

New for LockOut 4.1:
- New background window option in General prefs: ScreenSaver.

- New Security prefs: Clear session log. If set, the log clears when
LockOut quits.

- Password set from the File menu (instead of the Preferences).

- Admin utility can disable the user from setting the password.

- If the username is blank, LockOut fills it with the name from the File
Sharing control panel, and if that fails, from the Internet control panel.

New for LockOut 4.0:
Below is a partial list of new features.

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