Mac OS 8 Views Setter

Mac OS 8 Views Setter
By: Garth Martin

This FREE (with a string attached) droplet allows you to drop a folder
or group of folders onto the droplet and have the view options set for
them individually. It may seem tedious to have to set the options for
them individually but it is better than the alternative. Just select the
folder and drop it on OS 8 Views Setter 2.0 and start setting the

This Documentation MUST accompany the program WHERE EVER it goes.

At least 4 MB of Ram
Some folders
MacOS 8 (May work with system 7.5+) ]Read the disclaimer
Jon's Scripting Commands (Just
drop this on the System Folder in OS Dirol
A Macintosh

Possible features of 3.0:
-Will attempt to add feature that will allow you to save the current
views setup after setting up the first window. Thus those settings could
be recalled and used over and over again. Meainging no more endless
button clicking.
-A re-design of the interface to possibly include check boxes to make it
easier to set the views options all from one window in stead of many.
-To add any features or suggestions that are suggested.

You have to email me and tell me what you think of the program and you
have to pass the program on to a friend...

The author of this program is in no way responsible for any damage that
this program may do to your computer. By opening this readme, or not
opening the readme and also downloading this software, and/or running
this software you immediatly agree to these terms. (Even if you have not
read this.) You use this software at your own risk!

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