ProTYPE v1.1 - Mac to Apple II File Converter

ProTYPE converts files you drag & drop on it to make them better useable
with Apple II computers. It will strip resource forks from text files,
type the files correctly and convert Binscii files. It will also preserve
file/aux types of all kinds of file inside a Binscii wrapper.
It is scriptable (understands AppleEvents) and can be used as a helper
application for Internet programs. So you can tell Netscape or Anarchie
to postprocess all .bsq files with ProTYPE, for example.

Changes from version 1.0:

- conversion of BinScii files with DOS or UNIX style end-of-line formatting
- every text file becomes a ProDOS text file, not just the ones with a
known suffix
- Fat (68K and PPC code)

"Support GS Ware"ware. Read the ReadMe Wink

Dirk Froehling

Path: /www/exparrot/

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