Screen Catcher DK-2.3.4 - Danish screen capture utility with"Catch-All"

Screen Catcher is a full-featured, scriptable screen capture
application. It is capable of taking snapshots of screen images and
saving them as PICT, GIF, JPEG, TIFF, BMP, PNG, Photoshop, SGI,
MacPaint, TGA, and QuickTime files. It also allows images to be
captured to the clipboard or to Screen Catcher's own windows, where
they can manipulated to change the color palette or reduce the number
of colors in the image before copying or saving.

Screen Catcher also includes a "Catch-All" mode, which automatically
scrolls the contents of windows to capture an entire document or web
page, even if it's too long to fit on the screen.

Version 2.3.4 includes the following changes:
* Corrected a bug that caused BBEdit 6.1 to crash.
* Added additional scripting options to allow setting of size and
scaling parameters from AppleScript.

Changes in recent releases include:
* Added "send a snapshot" email support for Mulberry.
* Worked around a conflict with Kensington MouseWorks that could
cause buttons and controls in some dialog boxes to disappear.
* Fixed a bug that caused the AutoFile dialog to crash if the
format was previously set to GIF without interlacing.
* If the AutoFile folder is deleted, Screen Catcher will save
snapshots to the Desktop rather than complaining and then not
saving them.
* Screen Catcher can automatically attach pictures to email messages.
Use the "Send Mail" command in Screen Catcher's "File" menu.
* The filename in Save As dialogs is now initially selected without
the filename extension.
* Fixed a conflict with Chronos StickyBrain.
* Fixed a crash in Control Strip when window captures were done.
* Corrected problems in the Screen Catcher Extension which could
cause some applications to open very slowly.
* Eliminated a condition in which Screen Catcher could end up
running without any menus.

Additional information is available at:

Screen Catcher will operate on any Macintosh running System 7 or
higher, including Mac OS 9.1, and is $25 shareware.

Path: /www/exparrot/

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