Update:BirthdayChecker 2.2.1

BirthdayChecker is a small and ultra fast program which scans a
TEXT-file and searches for birthdays which will be interesting in the
next few days. If you put an alias in the startup-folder, your mac will
check the birthdays every day for you!
The number of days to warn before is adjustable. In the same way you can
choose, if you want to use the German-date-format
(DD.MM) or the American-format (MM.DD). The header displayed in the
birthday window and the width of the window is adjustable, too.
Also the maximum number of starts per day.

Hope you'll enjoy it!

1.0 First release, works fine with 68k and PPC!
1.1 Will now work with no-color Quickdraw machines such as the MacPlus
and SE!
1.2 Added handling routines for the standard Apple-events such as
kAEQuitApplication, to have a "clean" shutdown.
1.3 Fixed a little bug in the display procedure.
1.4 Added calculation of age. Added display of date.
Now plays the sound asynchronously. Compiled with CW7.
1.5 Added display of the day of week. Window width is now adjustable.
Added additional seperators.
1.6 [15.12.95] Fixed a bug so that the automatic termination of the
program now works correctly.
No longer a Fat version but two seperate versions for both processor
types for a better performance and use of memory.
Added the "E" option for "European

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