FTP BookCovers_v.1.3.0


This binary should replace the binary called BookCoversPPCv1.1.3.hqx.
This is the latest version. Following is a blurb on it.

BookCovers v1.3.0
BookCovers is a simple book database program, for storing references
to all the books you read. If you have ever got to the point where you
can't remember the name of a book that you read a while back, or maybe
you're at the used book store and you see some good prices on your
favorite authors books, but hmm maybe I've already read Tom Clancy's
oldest save the world book. Or did I just see the movie. (aren't they
all made into movies?) Which was it?
Well this program is designed with you in mind. (actually I wrote
it for myself originally) BookCovers will allow you to catalog all your
book reading, past and present. Entering as much info or as little info
as you want. (You must however at least have a title to the book) You
can save the Title of the book, the Authors name, the Type of book it
is, comments of yours about the book, the date you read it or finished
reading it and it also has a place to enter the books ISBN number, if
you like.
BookCovers also has a simple printing facility, allowing you to
print out your listing of books, for those of you who can't have enough
paper to read. (myself, just the act of entering the info is sometimes
enough to get my brain cells to remember)

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