ContactAssist_3.0.sit - FileMaker Pro - Contact Management

Keywords: contact management, organizing, correspondence, mail merging.

ContactAssist by P-J Zijlstra is a FileMaker Pro template featuring:

A. Contact management:
* Store names, addresses, phone numbers, fax numbers, e-mail addresses,
URLs, etc..
* Make phone calls, send e-mails and open URLs directly from the database.
* Print labels, business cards and envelopes.

B. Action management:
* Organize your appointments, meetings, to do items and notes.
* Document your outgoing and incoming mail and phone calls.

C. Correspondence:
* Write letter, e-mails and faxes with the use of text templates.
* Mail merging: create personalized mass mailings, including e-mails and

Requirements: - FileMaker Pro 3 or 4, - 9 Mb of free disk space. A
monitor size of '800 x 600' or bigger is recommended.

1. The software "FaxExpress" from Glenwarne Ltd. is required to send
personalized faxes directly from ContactAssist.

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