SecurePass 2.0 (Secure Password Management)


February 14, 2000. Highwinds Trading Company unveils upgrade to
SecurePass ( for
the Macintosh. Version 2.0 of SecurePass raises the strength of
encryption (with "Blowfish") to 512 bits. It is available only to US
and Canadian users.

SecurePass(tm) is an encrypted database utility (strong encryption)
for storage and management of passwords and security keys.
Eliminates the temptation for maintaining stupid passwords because it
is so quick and easy getting into the database, and out with what you

- optionally creates true randomized strings as
suggestions for new passwords.

- optionally stores URLs for the services with passwords, and
provides direct links.

- optionally transfers passwords to the clipboard so
that they can be pasted anywhere you need.

- Simple user interface.

- Optimized for management of online passwords, but can
be used to store other things as well.

- Compatible with MacOS back to version 7.6+. Some features
require MacOS 8.6

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