VSE My Privacy 1.2 - Store your passwords with 448-bit encryption

VSE My Privacy 1.2 is an easy to use data security software that
allows Mac users to store and organize their confidential data in a
safe place. It uses a military strength uncrackable 448-bit
encryption algorithm to encrypt your data.

With VSE My Privacy, users have all their passwords and confidential
information ready to hand when they need it. The database can be
opened from all Macintosh applications with a single mouse click.

Despite the strong encryption algorithm of VSE My Privacy the
application is easy to use so that every Mac user can use it within

The new version expands the range of useful features by a "Fast Copy"
button that automatically recognizes passwords in VSE My Privacy
entries and copies them to the clipboard with a single mouse click.
Other improvements have been added and minor bugs have been fixed.

System requirements: PowerPC/G3/G4

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