The Newspaper Mac

by Gavin and Graham

Well, this is The Newspaper Mac. This is how it came to be...

I was cruzin' around Applefritter's hacks area, and I stumbled across "Mercury." I thought, "Whoa that thing is so slick...I wanna make one." I went down in my basement and realized, "Dang! No spray paint!" So I searched through my mind for an could I make a Mac Plus look reeeeaally strange? Then I thought: newspaper.

I got some newspaper out of the trash and then basically I glued it on. Not really that hard of a concept. If you want to make one of these (which I HIGHLY doubt) then do the following:

Get Mac Plus (Or Mac Classic).
Put glue on Mac.
Put newspaper on glue.
(simple, no?)

Congrats. You have a Newspaper Mac. Here are the specs of it:

No hard drive
512k RAM
8 mhz
One 800k floppy drive
A screen

As you can see, The Newspaper Mac gives you only the finest technology 400 years ago. Everything but the screen works (oh joy).

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